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Pokemon Go Shiny List: full shiny checklist and how to catch shinies

As if trying to catch them all wasn't enough, Pokemon Go trainers also have to worry about catching Shiny Pokemon. Luckily, we've got a shinies checklist listing every one currently available in Pokemon Go to help you keep track.

If you don't know all about Shiny Pokemon, prepare yourself to open up a whole new world of creature catching. Shiny Pokemon are essentially extremely rare Pokemon that tend to have a different pigment or color to their regular counterparts. Sometimes a shiny Pokemon might simply be a slightly different tone of the same color, while other times a shiny will feature an entirely different, very unique color palette.

Shinies exist of every single species of Pokemon, but not all shinies have been made available in Pokemon Go yet. Instead, Pokemon Go shiny Pokemon have been making a slow-but-sure debut in the game, with the first being Shiny Magikarp, which was made available in March 2017. Anyway - here's some key stuff to know about Shiny Pokemon before we get to the checklist...

Pokemon Go Shinies: how to get shiny Pokemon and other advice

Okay, so, you want Shiny Pokemon. Well... keep in mind, it's difficult. Shiny Pokemon are supposed to be rare, and so that means that they're extraordinarily difficult to find. If you've been trying to track down a rare Pokemon in the wild such as a Ditto, imagine that spawn rate but drastically reduced.

Typically, Pokemon Go shiny Pokemon come to you through one of a few different ways:

  • In the Wild: Some shiny Pokemon appear in the wild, and any time you encounter a wild Pokemon of that type there is a tiny, tiny chance that Pokemon could come out as a shiny.
  • At Gym Raids: Other shinies are only found during Pokemon Go Raids - so when you win a raid encounter at a gym, there's a chance the Pokemon you'll be able to catch afterwards could be shiny.
  • From Eggs: Some shiny Pokemon are exclusive to eggs - so you might get lucky when you hatch a Pokemon egg.
  • From Community Days: The monthly Pokemon Go Community days always offer up a limited number of increased spawns for the chosen Pokemon - and that usually includes a bonus to the shiny spawn rate.
  • From Field Research: Pokemon Go's Field Research system often offers encounters as a reward - and some of those encounters have a chance to be shiny.

Catching shiny Pokemon in the wild is hugely rare, and there's no real way to game that. With that said, there's some additional tips you should be aware of when considering how to catch shinies:

  • It'll be obvious when you do find a shiny Pokemon, as it's represented with sparkles and a little icon next to its CP in the catch encounter.
  • With the above noted, remember that Shiny Pokemon look normal color on the map. You have to enter an encounter to discover if it's shiny or not.
  • Once caught, Shinies have their own sub-entry in the Pokedex. This means if you have, say, a Shiny Charmander, you'll be able to flick back and forth between Pokedex entries for both regular Charmander and the shiny form.
  • If you try to transfer a shiny Pokemon, you'll be warned - just as with legendaries. You also can't bulk-transfer them.
  • The chance of finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild outside of special events is somewhere in the region of 1 in 450 encounters. Yup - it's that low.
  • Shiny status carries over through evolution - so if you catch a shiny and evolve it, you'll get the shiny of its evolved form. This is especially useful for Eevee Evolutions if you can nab some shiny Eevee, as those shiny forms are particularly awesome.
  • Alolan Pokemon also have shiny forms, if you're lucky enough to hatch an Alolan Pokemon form that's both.

Pokemon Go Shiny Pokemon Checklist: all available shinies listed

As with pretty much everything in Pokemon Go, the shinies available changes on the regular based on what in-game events are currently taking place. It's an ever-moving thing, though we've got the latest list of every Pokemon Go shiny creature thanks to LeekDuck of This image is really handy as it's actually a physical checklist you can print and mark or mark using an image editor as you go - but if you want the scoop on how to catch each shiny Pokemon, scroll past the image to our text-based list.

On the list below, we've compiled every shiny Pokemon that can be naturally caught in the wild and listed it. We haven't listed any evolutions available on this list directly: to get a shiny Ivysaur, for instance, you must get a shiny Bulbasaur first and evolve it twice. As such, on this list we've only noted how to catch shiny Bulbasaur.

Shiny PokemonEvolution(s)Obtained via
Bulbasaur Ivysaur, VenusaurWild, Egg, Raid, Research
CharmanderCharmeleon, CharizardWild, Egg, Raid, Research
SquirtleWartortle, BlastoiseWild, Egg, Raid, Research
CaterpieMetapod, ButterfreeWild, Research
PidgeyPidgeotto, PidgeotWild
PikachuPichu (baby form), Raichu, Alolan RaichuEvolution, Wild, Research
Nidoran FNidorina, NidoqueenWild, Egg
ClefairyCleffa (baby form), ClefableWild, Egg
VulpixNinetalesWild, Egg, Research
JigglypuffIgglybuff (baby form), WigglytuffWild, Egg
ZubatGolbat, CrobatWild, Research
MeowthPersianWild, Research
GrowlitheArcanineWild, Egg, Raid
PoliwagPoliwhirl, Poliwrath, PolitoedWild, Egg, Research
MachopMachoke, MachampWild
GeodudeGraveler, GolemWild
MagnemiteMagneton, MagnezoneWild
SeelDewgongWild, Egg
GrimerMukWild, Egg
ShellderCloysterWild, Egg, Raid, Research
GastlyHaunter, GengarWild, Egg
OnixSteelixWild, Research
DrowzeeHypnoWild, Egg, Raid
KrabbyKinglerWild, Egg, Research
ExeggutorWild, Research
CuboneMarowak, Alolan MarowakWild, Egg
HorseaSeadra, KingdraWild, Egg, Research
ScytherScizorWild, Egg
JynxSmoochum (baby form)Wild, Egg
ElectabuzzElekid (baby form), ElectvireWild, Egg
MagmarMagby (baby form), MagmortarWild, Egg
MagikarpGyaradosWild, Raid, Research
LaprasWild, Raid, Egg
EeveeVaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon & Glaceon [Eevee Evolutions guide]Wild, Egg, Raid, Research
OmanyteOmastarWild, Egg, Raid, Research
KabutoKabutopsWild, Egg, Raid, Research
AerodactylWild, Egg, Raid, Research
ArticunoRaid, Research
ZapdosRaid, Research
MoltresRaid, Research
DratiniDragonair, DragoniteWild, Egg, Raid, Research
ChikoritaBayleef, MeganiumWild, Egg
CyndaquilQuilava, TyphlosionWild, Egg
TotodileCroconaw, FeraligatrWild, Egg
TogepiTogetic, TogekissWild, Egg
TogepiTogetic, TogekissWild, Egg
MareepFlaaffy, AmpharosWild, Egg, Research
MarillAzumarill (Azurill baby form)Wild, Egg
SudowoodoBonsly (baby form)Wild, Egg
SunkernSunfloraWild, Egg, Research
MisdreavusMismagiusWild, Research
PinecoForretressWild, Egg, Research
SnubbullGranbullWild, Egg, Research
SwinubPiloswine, MamoswineWild, Egg, Research
HoundourHoundoomWild, Egg, Research
RaikouResearch, Raid
EnteiResearch, Raid
SuicuneResearch, Raid
LarvitarPupitar, TyranitarWild, Egg, Research
TreeckoGrovyle, SceptileWild, Egg
TorchicCombusken, BlazikenWild, Egg
MudkipMarshtomp, SwampertWild, Egg, Research
PoochyenaMightyenaWild, Egg
LotadLombre, LudicoloWild, Egg
WingullPelipperWild, Egg
RaltsKirlia, Gardevoir, GalladeWild, Research, Egg
SlakothVigoroth, SlakingWild, Egg, Raid, Research
MakuhitaHariyamaWild, Egg, Raid
SableyeWild, Egg, Raid
AronLairon, AggronWild, Egg
MedititeMedichamWild, Egg, Raid
RoseliaRoserade (Budew baby form)Wild, Raid, Research
WailmerWailordWild, Egg, Raid, Research
SpoinkGrumpigWild, Egg
SwabluAltariaWild, Egg
FeebasMiloticWild, Egg
ShuppetBanetteWild, Egg, Raid
SwabluAltariaWild, Egg, Raid, Research
FeebasMiloticWild, Research, Egg
DuskullDusclops, DusknoirWild, Egg, Raid
AbsolRaid, Research
SnoruntGlalie, FroslassWild, Egg, Raid
ClamperlHuntail, GorebyssWild, Egg
LuvdiscWild, Egg, Research
BagonShelgon, SalamenceWild, Egg
BeldumMetang, MetagrossWild
LatiasRaid, Research
LatiosRaid, Research
ShinxLuxio, LuxrayWild, Egg
BunearyLopunnyWild, Egg
BronzorBronzongWild, Egg
MeltanMelmetalWild (via box)

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