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Pokemon Go to feature Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet starting September 5

Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Lechonk, Quaxly, and more make their debuts.

Pokemon Go
Image credit: The Pokemon Company/Niantic Labs

It's about time Pokemon Go players got some Scarlet and Violet love.

Ninantic Labs has announced that Pokemon from the Paldea region will debut in Pokemon Go starting September 5.

Pokemon from the Paldea Region make their Pokemon Go debuts in September.Watch on YouTube

The creatures first encountered in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will start debuting next week via the A Paldean Adventure event.

Running September 5-10, the following Pokemon first discovered in the Paldea region will make their Pokemon Go debuts: Sprigatito (Floragato, Meowscarada), Fuecoco (Crocalor, Skeledirge), Quaxly (Quaxwell, Quaquaval), and Lechonk (both Oinkologne).

After the event ends, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly may hatch from 5km eggs, and Lechonk may hatch from 2km Eggs. Word on the hatch rate for these Pokemon is unknown at present.

And, thanks to everyone's efforts during Pokemon Go Fest 2023, an Ultra Unlock bonus will be in effect, with Unown A, D, E, L, and P appearing in raids.

The Ultra Unlock bonus will also feature Timed Research, featuring encounters with Lechonk throughout the event, and the Pokemon may even be shiny if RNG shines its heavenly light upon you.

An Event Bonus will be available. Here, Roaming Form Gimmighoul will appear at Golden PokeStops if a Golden Lure Module is used. But, even if a Gold Lure Module isn't dropped, you should still spin the PokeStop to earn Gimmighoul Coins because PokeStops may turn gold without a Golden Lure Module.

You will earn 4x XP for catching Pokemon during the event and 4x Stardust for catching. Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Lechonk will also hatch out of 7km eggs.

Showcases during the event will star Lechonk, so put your best on in for some nice prizes.

For the shiny hunters out there, you are more likely than usual to run into a shiny form of Hoppip, Houndour, Buizel, and Fletchling. Encounters with these particular Pokemon will appear more often in the wild than usual, and Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Lechonk will also appear more often in the wild.

But wait: there's more.

For the raiders out there, One-Star Raids will feature the Unowns mentioned above, while Three-Star Raids will feature Machamp, Camerupt, Metagross, and Turtonator.

Five-Star Raids September 1-8 will feature Kartana in the Northern Hemisphere and Celesteela in the Southern Hemisphere. September 8-16, the two Pokemon will switch places. Mega Raids will star Manectric.

The fun doesn't stop there, though, because event-themed Field Research tasks will be available where you will encounter Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Lechonk. There will also be an event-themed Paldea-themed Collection Challenge that will reward you with Stardust and additional encounters with Lechonk. Plus, new avatar items inspired by the main characters in the upcoming Scarlet and Violet DLC will be available to all Trainers starting on September 13.

Pokemon Go
Image credit: The Pokemon Company/Niantic Labs

Moving on, starting September 10 and ending September 15, the Ultra Unlock: Paldea event will take place. During this time, more Pokemon discovered in the Paldea region will make their Pokemon GO debuts.

These Pokemon are Nymble (Lokix), Pawmi (Pawmo, Pawmot), Bombirdier, and Frigibax (Arctibax, Baxcalibur). Following the conclusion of this event, Frigibax will be available to hatch from 10km Eggs, and if you're lucky, you may encounter a Shiny one.

The same Unowns will be appearing globally in raids, and the Timed Research featuring encounters with Lechonk from A Paldean Adventure will be extended through the end of Ultra Unlock: Paldea.

Once again, Roaming Form Gimmighoul will not appear at Golden PokeStops if a Golden Lure Module isn’t used, but you may still find Gimmighoul Coins when you spin the Gold PokeStop. 4X XP and 4X Stardust will remain live for catching Pokemon.

Paid Timed Research titles I’ve Got Your Back will be available for $5 or your regional equivalent. Complete the event-themed research tasks to have two encounters with Pawmi, earn a Pawmi Backpack avatar item, nab three Rare Candy and one Incubator, earn 10 Silver Pinap Berries, 921 Stardust, and 9210 XP. Timed Research expires, which means the I've Got Your Back research must be completed and the rewards claimed before Friday, September 15, 8pm local time.

PokeStop Showcases will allow you to enter Pawmi or Nymble and as an event bonus, once again, Hoppip, Houndour, Buizel, and Fletchling will appear as shiny more often than usual.

A new Special Research story with branching paths will be available for no cost. Here, you will choose between Scarlet and Violet starters Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. You’ll be able to adventure together and bond with your chosen partner Pokemon during this time. You can claim this Special Research at no cost from September 5 - December 1.

Wild encounters from the previous week will continue with Hoppip, Houndour, Buizel, Fletchling, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Lechonk, Nymble, and Pawmi. You may even have an encounter with Frigibax, and it may even be shiny.

The Unowns will once again be in One-Star Raids, Three-Star Raids will feature Turtonator, Kleavor, and Bombirdier, and Five-Star Raids will feature Kartana in the Northern Hemisphere and Celesteela in the Southern Hemisphere before they switch places September 8. However, in a rare occurrence, Celesteela and Kartana will temporarily appear in different parts of the world. The Mega raid will remain Manectric.

7km Eggs may also hatch Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Lechonk which may even be shiny.

Field Research task encounters will include Pawmi.

And finally, the next Community Day Classic takes place on September 2 from 2-5pm local time, and it stars Charmander.

If you evolve Charmander's evolved form Charmeleon into Charizard during the event or up to two hours afterward, the Pokemon will know the Fast Attack Dragon Breath and the Charged Attack Blast Burn.

Community Day Classic–themed Field Research will be available, and for $1, you will be granted access to the Charmander Community Day Classic–exclusive Special Research story.

Sounds like there will be tons to do in the game during September.

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