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Pokemon Go Field Research quests: November 2022 missions and rewards list

Staying on top of Pokemon Go's Field Research missions is a must if you want to be the very best. Here's the quests for November 2022.

Another month is upon us, which means over in the land of Pokemon Go it's time for a new set of Field Research missions and their associated rewards. The constantly-changing nature of these missions means they can sometimes be a little difficult to keep track of - but lucky for you we're here to do it for you with this handy list of all current missions for November 2022.

Research in Pokemon Go comes in two different varieties. Field Research tasks are quests given to trainers at random - and these are where the quests and rewards change regularly - monthly at least, but sometimes more often still. Completing basic Field Research tasks can lead to a Research Breakthrough, which adds a further reward and incentive that also usually changes monthly.

Less difficult to keep track of are the Special Research Missions. These are preset story-based mission threads given by Professor Willow, usually unlocked when the game is updated. Once you have one ofm these, it remains in place until you complete it, and so is less time sensitive than the regular Field Research Missions.

How Pokemon Go Field Research missions & their rewards work

Field Research missions are essentially little mini-quests given to you by the game when you spin Pokestops, and sometimes every now and then at random. Each PokeStop gets one specific field research mission assigned to it each day, and though you can complete a quest more than once per day you'll only ever pick up the same mission from any given PokeStop. The rewards vary, depending on the quest, and are listed below.

You can complete as many or as few field research quests as you'd like, but you'll want to aim to complete at least one mission per day in order to work towards your research breakthrough. Quests range across all aspects of Pokemon Go and in a sense exist to get players to experience all aspects of the game. Field research quests might ask you to battle in a raid, battle in a gym, hatch Pokemon eggs, catch certain Pokemon types or even spin Pokestops - and these are just a few examples.

Sometimes a task will reward you with the items, but other times you'll be rewarded with a rare Pokemon encounter - field research tasks are the only way to encounter and catch Spinda, for instance. These encounters are also really useful since Pokemon encountered in this way can't flee.

The quests and rewards on offer rotate in a monthly manner for the most part, meaning at the end of one month Niantic will retire quests and rewards and replace them with new ones. Here's the current quests & rewards:

Pokemon Go Field Research List: November 2022 rewards and missions

As we previously explained, everything around the field research mission system is on rotation. Every month brings around a different set of events with different goals, and we're going to keep this page up-to-date with whatever the current mission set is. Here's the quests that you'll find in your Field Research list during November 2022 - but remember these quests are given out at random, so which you see is entirely down to chance.

Field research missions have an element of the random to their rewards - so there's a chance that you'll get more basic rewards like Pokeballs, Stardust and other items. Every quest has a Pokemon encounter it has a chance of rewarding you with, however, and this is a list of those missions and encounters:

Pokemon Catching Field Missions

Field Mission Reward
Catch 5 Pokemon Zubat
Catch 7 Pokemon Magikarp
Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon Dratini
Catch 3 Ghost-type Pokemon Gastly
Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost Vulpix
Use 5 Nanab Berries to help Catch Pokemon Houndour
Catch 10 Grass-type Pokemon 10 Mega Venusaur Candy
Catch 10 Fire-Type Pokemon 10 Mega Charizard Candy
Catch 10 Water-type Pokemon 10 Mega Blastoise Candy
Catch 10 Normal-type Pokemon 10 Mega Pidgeot Candy

Throw Field Missions

Field Mission Reward
Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row Spinda
Make 5 Nice Throws Dunsparce
Make 3 Great Throws Snubbull
Make 3 Great Throws in a row Onix
Make 3 Excellent Throws Beedrill
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row Gible

Battle Field Missions

Field Mission Reward
Battle in the GO Battle League Ariados
Win a three-star raid or higher Omanyte
Win a raid Inkay
Win 5 Raids Aerodactyl

Management & Evolution Field Missions

Field Mission Reward
Evolve a Pokemon Eevee
Power up a Pokemon 3 times Bulbasaur
Power up a Pokemon 5 times Chikorita
Power up a Pokemon 7 times Treecko
Power up Pokemon 5 Times 10 Mega Venusaur / Charizard / Blastoise Candy
Power up Pokemon 5 Times 10 Mega Beedrill / Pidgeot Candy
Power up Pokemon 10 Times 25 Mega Gengar Candy
Earn 3 hearts with your Buddy Phantump
Battle alongside your Buddy while it's Adventuring with you Misdreavus
Earn 2 Candy walking with your Buddy Bunnelby
Earn 3 Candy walking with your Buddy Stunfisk
Take a snapshot of your buddy Shuppet
Send 3 Gifts to friends Ekans
Trade a Pokemon Haunter
Spin 3 Pokestops or Gyms Sudowoodo
Spin 5 Pokestops or Gyms Ralts
Take a Snapshot of a wild Pokemon Hoppip
Take a snapshot of 2 Ghost-type Pokemon Drifloon

Egg Hatching Field Missions

Field Missions Rewards
Hatch an Egg Mantine
Hatch 2 Eggs Beldum

Field Research Breakthroughs & Stamps explained

As you can see in the field mission screen inside Pokemon Go, there are a series of stamps adding up to seven stamps. You can only earn one stamp per day even if you complete multiple missions - so basically, this series of stamps is designed to last a week. When you reach the seventh stamped day you'll unlock a Research Breakthrough, represented on the screen by the big wrapped-up parcel from Professor Willow.

Exactly what will be inside these packages varies from month to month alongside the other research bonuses and rewards including the potential for a Sinnoh or Unova Stone evolution item to drop. In addition to that, every month this 'research breakthrough' features a Pokemon encounter. You also have an unlimited amount of tries to catch them, as Pokemon encountered in this way can't run away. So long as you have patience and Pokeballs, you can keep trying until they're caught.

This is a great place to practice how to make excellent throws and curveball throws in Pokemon Go, too. Pokemon caught this way will also have naturally high stats - the same sort of stats that you might find on Pokemon encountered as part of raid battles. All in all, this is a great way to catch rare Pokemon.

The November 2022 reward is an encounter with Shedinja, including a chance to get a Shiny Klink. As well as the Pokemon encounter, each research breakthrough will net you Stardust, XP, and a random smattering of other items, including a chance at a Sinnoh Stone or Unova Stone evolution item.

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