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Pokemon Go made more money in 2019 than its 2016 heyday

2019 was a banner year for Pokemon Go.

Though it may seem like Pokemon Go's days of dominating the zeitgeist are behind it, the game has actually quietly been doing very well for Niantic and the Pokemon Company.

According to market analyst Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go made $894 million in revenue in 2019. This is the game's highest for a single year, beating its 2016 launch madness.

Of course, Pokemon Go wasn't available for the entirety of 2016, so these numbers could have been even higher. But the fact remains, Pokemon Go was one of the most profitable mobile games of 2019.

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The game landed at number five in worldwide earnings, but in the location-based games genre, it was the undisputed king. Its closest competitor, Dragon Quest Walk, brought in a comparatively smaller $201 million. Meanwhile, Niantic's own Harry Potter: Wizards Unite only made $23 million in 2019.

54% of the game's revenue was generated on Google Play, with the Apple App Store claiming the remaining 46%. As far as regional popularity, the US is still the game's biggest market, responsible for 38% of revenue, followed by Japan and Germany.

In other news, Pokemon Go's next Community Day is happening next weekend.

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