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Media Molecule co-founder teases new LBP project


Media Molecule's Alex Evans has teased Gamasutra with a taste of the firm's next LBP project.

He said he cannot go into details at the moment, but did say the unannounced title would be "really f**king cool."

Evans said the idea for the title came to Media Molecule during a "brainstorming session".

"Then at a certain point, we're like, 'We're gonna just take a character, we're just gonna try this direction", he said.

"It's a quite interesting thing because it was like a magnet. Everyone sort of [joined in] on that thing, then I suddenly saw these people kind of going, 'Oh my god, far from being tired of LBP, I suddenly see this untapped potential.

"And in ways that hopefully will still be fresh so when it comes back, people won't be like, 'Yeah, they just exploited that thing, and it's really f**king obvious that they would do that.' I think LBP is in their future, and hopefully in surprising ways."

A PSP version of LBP has been confirmed to be in development with Sony Cambridge, and is a separate thing from Media Molecule's in-house work.

User-generated content is "definitely" in Media Molecule's future Evans said.

"So, it doesn't have to be LBP-style creativity. It could be musical, or it could be God knows what. I think there's definitely a fixation at Media Molecule around the idea of engaging players creatively."

More through the link.

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