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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Expansion Pass features Fantastic Four, Marvel Knights, X-Men

The Expansion Pass for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order will feature three DLC drops spread out through 2020.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will have an optional expansion pack available which will add characters from the Fantastic Four, Marvel Knights, and X-Men.

As a separate purchase for $19.99, the three DLC drops will also contain new modes, and additional storylines.

The first DLC will arrive in fall 2019, followed by the second later in the year, and the third in 2020. If you purchase the Expansion Pass you will also receive an in-game alternative-color chef outfit for Deadpool. It can be used day of the game's release.

Those interested in the Expansion Pass can bundle it with the game for $79.99.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 releases July 19 as a Switch exclusive.

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