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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 character roster - how to unlock every character

Square Enix might have taken flak for its almost-but-not-quite versions of the movie Avengers, but there’s another Marvel game that you can play right now, packed to the rafters with superheroes more faithfully recreated from their comic-book designs.

Here’s the full character roster of heroes we’ve seen so far in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3.

The Black Order hit Nintendo Switch on July 19. Interestingly, many of the available characters on the roster hail from franchises whose movies have been held to ransom outside of the main MCU, so it’s fun to see them back on the team where they belong.

In the game, heroes have different abilities that have different synergies with each other, so you need to build your team tactically to make the most of their powers.

To upgrade those abilities, you need Ability Orbs - which you get from special Infinity Trial challenges.

We recently got to play Ultimate Alliance 3, and you can watch our impressions below:

We'll run down every character that was available in the demo, then keep a running list of everyone else that appears in the full game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 characters roster

  • Iron Man

Tony Stark remains one of Marvel’s most popular and successful heroes.

A versatile character in-game, Iron Man is a capable melee fighter who can also deal ranged damage with blasters. He also has his own movement style where he can fly above the ground.

  • Captain America

Steve Rogers bolsters the ranks of the melee heroes on the Ultimate Alliance 3 roster.

While he's primarily a close-up-and-personal kind of guy, ranged support comes in the form of his shield throw.

  • Storm

First introduced to the comics all the way back in 1975, Storm is one of the best-known leaders of the X-Men.

Her weather-control powers are better at range than up close, but she's still a strong ally to add to your team.

  • Wolverine

Would it be a real co-op Marvel game without classic yellow-and-black suit Wolverine, bub?

Focussing on quick, ferocious close-range combat with his adamantium claws, Wolverine is sure to be a favourite pick with players.

  • Black Panther

The king of Wakanda has stormed to the top of the Marvel pantheon in no time at all after the release of his smash-hit solo film.

Like Wolverine, Black Panther's moveset focused around quick and powerful claw attacks.

  • Captain Marvel

Since her starring role in Civil War 2, Captain Marvel has been having a bit of a moment in Marvel media. Here we have the comic-book Carol Danvers sporting her shorter, quaffed hair-do.

Another versatile attacker, she uses her Photon Punch and Cosmic Burst abilities to devastating effect.

  • Thor

Despite being the internet's second favourite Asgardian behind his brother Loki, Thor is still a total boss.

Fighting as you’d expect with his signature Mjolnir hammer, here we’ve again got the comic-book costumed version of the character, complete with winged silver helmet.

  • Star Lord

What the wise-cracking Quill lacks in super-strength, he makes up for in instinct, tactical nouse and bravery. Oh, and laser guns.

  • Groot & Rocket

In Ultimate Alliance 3, Groot and Rocket fight as a duo with Groot handling the melee bashing and Rocket on guns. Two for the price of one!

  • Deadpool

Deadpool brings his signature brand of acerbic, fourth-wall-breaking humour to Ultimate Alliance.

That's not to say he's no use in a fight though. He's a talented swordsman, marksman, and martial artist.

  • Spider-Man

Peter Parker is another mainstay of Marvel's comic continuity, and is a shoe-in to feature heavily in this cross-over. As well as his underrated strength and stamina, Spidey brings his unique web-slinging movement abilities to the fore.

  • Miles Morales

Well, maybe not that unique. Newbie wall-crawler Miles Morales also makes the roster, and will probably have a similar move-set to Spider-Man, just quicker and lighter due to his size and frame.

  • Venom

If Miles represents the feather-weight side of the Spidey-scale, then Venom brings the beef. The hulking symbiote will surely have similar web-based abilities, but with a more feral edge.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - Additional characters

While these characters weren't playable in the demo, we know they'll appear in the full game because of voice lines and promo art:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 characters
The Incredible Hulk
Doctor Strange
Scarlet Witch
Black Widow
Nick Fury
Drax the Destroyer
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Iron Fist
The Wasp
Black Dwarf
Corvus Glaive
Ebony Maw
Proxima Midnight
Ms. Marvel
The Juggernaut
Ronan the Accuser
The Kingpin
Green Goblin
Ghost Rider
Black Bolt
Elsa Bloodstone

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Character Unlocks

Now that the full game is out, we know a bit more about the order that you unlock the characters in.

Take this as a spoiler warning for boss battles and the order of story mode events!

Here's how we've unlocked our roster in the game so far:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy - starting characters
  • Spider-Man - meet at The Raft in story mode

When you meet Nick Fury at The Raft you unlock:

  • Wolverine
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Crystal
  • Captain Marvel
  • Black Widow
  • Falcon
  • Cap
  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Hulk

After that:

  • Venom - defeat Venom as a boss in story mode
  • Luke Cage - Meet after Venom in story mode
  • Miles Morales, Ms Marvel, Spider-Gwen - beat them in boss battle
  • Iron Fist - meet at the Shadowland complex
  • Daredevil - meet after Iron Fist
  • The Wasp - meet in Sector 2 of Avengers Tower
  • Hawkeye - at the top of Avengers Tower, clear a place for him to land as you fight

Next up at Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, you'll unlock:

  • Psylocke, Nightcrawler - save the Institute from the first wave of Sentinels
  • Deadpool - after you've run away from and beat Juggernaut

After escaping the school, you unlock the following characters in the Dark Dimension:

  • Elsa Bloodstone - Pretty much as soon as you enter the Dark Dimension
  • Ghost Rider - Meet later as you progress through the dimension
  • Dr Strange - Beat as boss to unlock him as a character

Then finally, in Wakanda you unlock:

  • Storm - Help her defeat AIM mercenaries
  • Black Panther - Meet later in the level

The rest of the characters are unlocked via Infinity Trials. They are:

  • Elektra - from Gamma
  • Magneto - from Psi
  • Loki - from Sigma
  • Thanos - complete the game to unlock Lambda trials

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