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Here's the opening section of Metal Gear Solid remade inside Dreams

Dreams is an amazing game, and this Metal Gear Solid project shows its potential for remakes of game levels beyond Super Mario Bros 1-1.

Dreams maestro Bearly Regal has been working on a remake of the first section of Metal Gear Solid within the early access version of Dreams, Media Molecule's incredible PS4 exclusive game-builder. Although they've borrowed a model of Snake while they work on their own, they have crafted the other visual assets themselves, while some of the sound effects have been crowdsourced from the Dreams community.

The video below is a great showcase for just how powerful Dreams' game creation tools are.

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It looks and feels pretty authentic already, but this is still a work in progress. Dreams only entered paid early access on April 16, so this has come together pretty fast.

This is not the first time we've seen part of a game recreated in Dreams. Back in January, during the beta period, someone recreated part of Dead Space within Dreams (sadly the footage went down as it was, at the time, breaking an NDA).

Meanwhile, if you're hungry for more Metal Gear remakes, here's the intro redone in Unreal Engine 4.

Hopefully we'll see more fun fan projects like this. Personally I'm holding out for a MGS 3 remake, if only so we can use some sort of 'I'm still in a Dreams, Snake Eater' pun.

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