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This photo-realistic forest was made in Dreams

The tools in Dreams have allowed players to create some fascinating projects, but few are as impressive as this one.

We've seen plenty of games created and recreated in Dreams. The toolset is advanced enough that even certain user creations have invited the ire of Nintendo.

But while everyone else was figuring out how to come up with compelling gameplay for their projects, creator Bad Robo was instead pushing visuals to the extreme. Bad Robo has been creating simple scenes from nature within Dreams. The only catch is, they're at near photo-realistic levels, the sort you'd see advertising engines like Unreal or Unity.

Their latest work, dubbed Closer to the River, is astounding in its visual fidelity. I never imagined Dreams was capable of such detailed graphics. The framerate leaves a lot to be desired, but just look at what they've been able to achieve.

Watch on YouTube

Bad Robo's channel has even more of these scenes, all made in Dreams. Hit the link above to see them.

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