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Helldivers 2 just got a fresh patch, and we're holding our breath that it'll finally break the spear's curse for good

Hopefully your months of suffering are over, spear lovers.

A soldier in Helldivers 2 wearing Viper Commandos warbond gear.
Image credit: Arrowhead

Here's a fresh Helldivers 2 patch, and the good news is that it should hopefully mark and end to the various troubles that've been afflicting the poor spear for a while now. Oh, and there are a number of other fixes Arrowhead's chucked in there.

If you're out of the loop, Helldivers 2's poor FAF-14 spear suffered from broken aming for a good while earlier this year, before Arrowhead was finally able to rectify this through two separate fixes issued in recent patches and hotfixes. Sadly since that point, it's developed a new issue, with aiming it causing the game to crash - up until today, that is.

As you can read in the notes for patch 01.000.403, which is just a little fella in comparison to the balancing tweak laden behemoth we got last week, it comes with a fix aimed at brining an end to the crashes folks have been getting while using the spear. We can only pray this'll mean Helldivers 2's loyal spear fanclub will finally be able to use their favoured weapon for at least a little while without running into any more issues.

Outside of that, there's a fix for a crash that was "happening when players with unique hellpod patterns leave during hellpod launch cutscenes", one for the "Plasma Punisher being unable to shoot out of the SH-32 Shield Generator Pack and the FX-12 Shield Generator", and one for the "Peak Physique armor passive not properly affecting weapon ergonomics".

Also, the Quasar cannon should get "the correct change to its heat" depending on whether you're dropping on a hot or cold planet, you shouldn't have pink question marks pop up when they shouldn't in missions on various planets, and, er, Spore Spewers shouldn't appear purple on certain planets.

Finally, Arrowhead's made it so that operations shjould reset if you get kicked for inactivity, and helped out Chinese and Japanese players by fixing some corrupted text and making Japanese language voice-overs available on both PS5 and PC.

Make sure to check in with us regularly for more updates on Helldivers 2, including how the Galactic War's going.

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