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Goat Simulator 3 headbutts its way to a November release

It's a bovidae, it's a bovidae oh, the bovidae is back.

Coffee Stain Studios has announced a fall release date for Goat Simulator 3.

The game is set to arrive on PC exclusively through the Epic Games Store and PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on November 17.

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Pilgor is the star of the zany sequel, and she's ready to cause all sorts of physics-based mayhem as she explores the sprawling sandbox island of San Angora, featuring plenty of new areas, challenges, and events.

The game features all sorts of goat variants to discover, all customizable with ability-infused gear and fashionable nonsense such as toilet rolls, tea trays, jetpacks, and more.

This time out, you can bring your pals along thanks to local or online four-player co-op. There are seven multiplayer mini-games to play through together because, after all, causing mayhem is much better with friends in tow.

Also announced today was a physical Goat In A Box Edition (Goat in a box! A goat in a box, yeah). This edition will be made available for all platforms and is available for pre-order now at most major stores.

This edition contains a copy of the game, a custom goat box, a goat plushie, a steelbook, three postcards, and a double-sided poster. Digital contents include game and soundtrack discs, pre-order gear, a digital soundtrack, 3D printing files, and remastered skins featuring Old School Pilgor, MMO, GoatZ, Waste of Space, and PayDay.

For those who don't want physical goodies, there's the Goat Simulator 3 Pre-Udder Edition, which comes with additional in-game pre-udder gear, and the Goat Simulator 3 Digital Downgrade Edition, which includes plenty of remastered content from Goat Simulator’s past.

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