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Genshin Impact: How to reach The Lost Valley Domain in The Chasm

A brand new domain has been added with version 2.6. Here's what you need to do to reach it

We’ve finally reached The Chasm in Genshin Impact! This mysterious new region has been long awaited by players ever since we reached Liyue, and comes filled with plenty of new treasures and challenges including a new domain. However, reaching The Lost Valley domain isn’t as simple as walking up and heading inside, and requires a bit of puzzle work to reach.

This guide will take you through how to reach The Lost Valley domain in The Chasm. Before you head there, be sure to add the traveller with Geo Resonance as they are necessary to complete the puzzle.

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How to reach The Lost Valley domain in The Chasm

The key to reaching the domain is found outside via a giant crystal that introduces you to geo shockwaves - one of The Chasm’s major puzzle mechanics. You can find this particular crystal in the open world near the domain. Once you’re close, Paimon will call out and direct you to it when you get close.

Hitting this giant crystal will send off giant shockwaves that trigger geo-interactions nearby. This includes other nearby crystals, as well as the entrance to the Lost Valley domain. As such, you’re goal is to make this shockwave reach the entrance to the domain.

Before you try hitting it, move north towards the domain entrance and you’ll find several enemies defending a chest. Kill all the enemies here and loot the chest, and you’ll notice this chest was resting on top of a button.

Switch over to your geo traveller, and use your elemental skill to place a rock platform on this button. This will summon a series of air gates that lead you back to the giant geo crystal mentioned earlier and another chest you can loot, but more importantly the geo platform you places can pass along the geo shockwave into the entrance to the domain.

As such, as soon as you place the geo platform, rush back through the air gates towards the giant crystal. Hit it as soon as you’re there, and the geo shockwave will travel all the way to the domain entrance, destroying it and allowing you to pass through!

Believe it or not, opening up this pathway is part of the main Chasm quest, which has you deactivate several bedrock keys to enter the underground parts of The Chasm. The second bedrock key is linked directly to The Lost Valley domain, as you need to gain access to the domain in order to reach this second key.

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