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Genshin Impact “Shadow of the Ancients” limited time quest goes live today

A new limited time event has come out for Genshin Impact has come out, that rewards primo gems and other goodies

Genshin Impact has launched a new limited-time event called “Shadow of the Ancients” today. This three-stage event has you gather survey key locations and gather valuable data for Katheryne, before challenging the daunting Anomalous Model Ruin Grader. Players who take down this big ‘ol robot will receive a range of nice rewards, including primo gems you can blow desperately trying to get a 5-star Hu Tao. Which you’ll never get.

Shadow of the Ancients is only around until November 15, so you don’t have too long to jump into the game and work your way through this event. Bear in mind, to start taking part you must be at least adventure rank 30 and have completed the story quest “A Flower Blooms in Prison”.

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Here’s how the different stages work. Stage one requires you to use the Ayesha’s Chaos Prospector that you get from the event quest “Journey to Tsurumi”. You then use this gadget to find components at survey points marked on your map.

Stage two has you charge Pursina’s Spikes, large devices embedded in the ground, in a specific area using electro attacks. To gather data, you need to keep these devices charged while fending off waves of enemies.

The final stage is the fun one. Using the data you’ve gathered, travel to Tsurumi Island to activate and defeat the giant Ruin Grader. Powering up the Spikes will make it more powerful, but once they are all charged the big guy will be destroyable. Your reward for doing so is primo gems, mora, and various upgrade materials.

Once all that is wrapped up, you’re done! Shadow of the Ancients looks like an action-filled distraction from the usual events Genshin Impact players log in daily for. If you’re looking for something to shake up the routine you find yourself in, give it a go!

If you’re wondering what to spend your newly acquired primo gems on, you may remember the banner mentioned at the beginning of this article! We’ve broken down everything available in the new banners if you’re curious about them.

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