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Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus locations and Nilotpala farming tips

Floating on the surface

A new local speciality for Sumeru, you will need to visit many of the Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus locations for Tighnari’s ascension.

It's an essential ingredient for planning any Tighnari build, but luckily it's also one of the simpler materials to gather as well, as it grows in easy-to-reach places and has a distinct appearance.

If you’re playing during Genshin Impact 3.0, it should only take one or two runs to get as many as you need to fully level up your Sumeru character.

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Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus locations

Nilotpala Lotus only grows in the water, and as you’d expect, that means the rivers around Sumeru City and the Chinvat Ravine are prime locations for finding Nilotpala. It also grows in a handful of other places, though not in abundance.

There are 60 in total for now, so getting Tighnari to level 90 isn’t quite as grueling as it is with other characters.

Alcazarzaray Nilotpala Lotus locations

There aren't many Nilotpala this far north, but it's still worth grabbing these.

Nilotpala locations near Alcazarzaray
Alcazarzaray Nilotpala Lotus locations

Sumeru City Nilotpala Lotus locations

North of the river surrounding Sumeru City is where you'll find two more clusters of the plant.

Nilotpala locations near Sumeru City
Sumeru City Nilotpala Lotus location

Chinvat Ravine Nilotpala Lotus locations

This area near Ghandarva Ville is where you can find quite a few Nilotpala.

Nilotpala locations near Chinvat Ravine
Chinvat Ravine Nilotpala Lotus locations

Vinmara Village Nilotpala Lotus locations

Vinmara Village Nilotpala Lotus locations

There are several plants south of the village and near the mountain.

Gandha Hill Nilotpala Lotus locations

Only two Nilotpala grow here. Make sure to unlock the Domain nearby while you're in the area.

Nilotpala locations near Gandha Hill
Gandha Hill Nilotpala Lotus locations

Underground Nilotpala Lotus locations

Another batch of plants grows in Sumeru's underground waterways.

Nilotpala locations underground
Underground Nilotpala Lotus locations

Vanarana Nilotpala Lotus locations

The pond and river in southern Vanarana is also home to a few Nilotpala.

Nilotpala locations near Vanrana
Vanrana Nilotpala Lotus locations

What is Nilotpala Lotus for in Genshin Impact?

Nilotpala Lotus is one of the Tighari materials you use to level him up. So far, it has no uses in recipes aside from the Dendroculus Resonance Stone, so you won’t need to keep gathering it once you get Tighniar where you want him to be.

Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus farming tips

It doesn’t seem like you can grow Nilotpala Lotus in the Serenitea Pot yet. Perhaps future updates will add new glebes for growing Sumeru plants, but for now, it means your only method for gathering is scouring the region’s ponds and riverbanks.

Aside from the underground cluster, farming Nilotpala Lotus is comparatively straightforward. The blue blossoms are large and hard to miss, and there’s no climbing or other shenanigans required to get them.

The farming routes are pretty standard here, and once you unlock all the surrounding waypoints and leaf cluster nodules, moving around becomes a lot easier.

Nilotpala farming routes near Alcazarzaray

The waypoint southeast of Alcazarzaray is a good starting point for the Nilotpala near Alcazarzaray itself. There’s another small cluster to the west, and, conveniently, there’s also a waypoint near them.

Nilotpala farming routes near Sumeru City

Start with the Statue of the Seven northeast of the city, and hop down into the river to gather the eastern cluster of lotus plants. Then start from the waypoint on the city’s northwestern outskirts and repeat the process for the western bunch.

Nilotpala farming routes near Chinvat Ravine

This is the cluster you’ll likely encounter first, as its near where Tighnari has you gather the plant for Collei once you arrive in Sumeru. Which waypoint you start from is a bit academic since the markers north and south of the river are almost equidistant to the river itself. The northern one seems a little closer, so for now, that’s the one I start with.

Nilotpala farming routes near Vinmara Village

This stretch involves teleporting to a few different spots to save time. For the northern cluster, teleport to the waypoint just south of Vinmara Village and hop into the canyon. The area’s Statue of the Seven is a good point to launch out for the southern-most cluster, and then you can get the Nilotpala in the gorge near Devantaka Mountain by jumping off the cliff from the waypoint at the edge.

Nilotpala farming routes near Gandha Hill

You only get two Nilotpala Lotus from this section. It’s not the most rewarding jaunt, but after you unlock the waypoint, it doesn’t take long to get the two lotus anyway.

Grabbing the underground lotus is a bit deceptive since the location on the map isn't really indicative of where to look. Head to the Grove of Dreams - where you go during Varuna Gatha - and drop down into the swampy area to collect them. The easiest way to get there is either starting at the waypoint overlooking the Varuna machine or from the aboveground Domain.

Nilotpala farming routes near Vanrana

Since Vanarana is comparatively bereft of waypoints, this is the least efficient leg of your lotus farming run. Start at the Statue of the Seven and work your way southwest towards the pond. There are some floating fungi and whopperflowers near the pond. Take them out to get a few more rewards for your trouble, especially the fungi, since Tighnari needs their pollen as well.

If you're wondering how to fit the new Dendro archer into your party setup, check out our recommendations for the best Tighnari team comps. Keep a thought for the upcoming Genshin Impact characters as well to see how they might fit, and make sure to redeem any active Genshin Impact codes because everyone loves freebies.

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