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How to get the Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite

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The Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite is a versatile new weapon introduced in Chapter 4 and one that can change the outcome of your battles when used the right way. Where to find the Shockwave Hammer is a bit up in the air, as much of it depends on luck.

The Shockwave Hammer’s double function makes it a valuable tool to have on hand, though it’s only part of a strong arsenal.

Long cooldown periods mean you’re better off using the hammer at the right moments instead of relying on it entirely.

Where to find the Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite

The Shockwave Hammer is an epic-level weapon, which means it’s one of the battle royale’s rarer drops. Don’t expect to find it in your average chest or the safes you may notice dotting the landscape. Where you have a higher chance of finding one is the new Oathbound Chests that seem to prefer the Chapter 4 map’s medieval areas. The handful of Oathbound Chests we’ve discovered so far almost always had a hammer or, less often, the Ex-Caliber Rifle.

You also have a pretty decent chance of finding Shockwave Hammers around the battlefield as dropped loot and, on very rare occasions, as random loot just lying around. I’ve found at least two per match just on the field, so if you have poor luck discovering Oathbound Chests, this is a potentially more viable way to get your hands on the new weapon.

Fortnite Shockwave Hammer: An animated man in black pointy armor looks at a large purple hammer. Both are standing on a wooden platform overlooking a large lake

Some players suggest you have a better chance of finding the Shockwave Hammer at capture points, the new areas you can occupy that are marked with flags. We didn’t notice an uptick of weapons in these areas, though, so it could be a coincidence or just a random bonus effect.

How to use the Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite

The hammer has two functions: jumping and smashing. It has four charges to use between the functions, each with their own cooldown timers. A regular attack takes eight seconds to recharge, and a jump can take 15 seconds.

Press the aim button to activate the hammer’s jump function once. You leap forward and use the hammer as a vault to propel yourself higher and further. Hold the button to jump up to four times in a row. Aside from helping you cross large areas in a short period of time, the function is an excellent escape aid – assuming you move around enough to avoid being easily trackable.

The smash function deals 75 damage and bounces enemies back. It won’t defeat a foe at full health, but it does give you some room to get away or throw their aim off. If you’re fast and lucky, you can even smoosh them completely before they have a chance to recover.

Mind how you go when you're riding the dirt bike. Using the hammer hurls you off.

If you're using the hammer to complete some new weekly quests, make sure to act fast. Chapter 4's quests don't carry over anymore.

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