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Fortnite Omega Knight release date and how to complete Omega Knight quests

Knight of the end

The Fortnite Omega Knight skin pack is coming to Fortnite soon, and it’s a bit different from your usual new skin sets. The Omega Knight pack includes an upgrade path with a set of quests exclusive to the pack that earns you several new cosmetics over the course of roughly a month. It’s not available just yet, but here’s what to expect when it does release.

When is the Omega Knight skin release date?

Leaks from the end of April and early may suggested the Omega Knight pack would release sometime in the first week of the month. That’s yet to happen, and Epic hasn’t published any statement about the pack as they did for the Monarch set. Considering the next two weeks are devoted to May the 4th quests, it’s possible we won’t see Omega launch until the week of May 9.

Omega Knight pack price

Since Epic hasn’t made any statement about the pack, any guesses here are pure speculation. However, the Monarch set – Fortnite’s previous level up pack – cost about 1,200 VBucks, or roughly $15, so the Omega Knight pack will probably be somewhere in that price range. It will reportedly include a pickaxe skintoo, so Epic might charge a bit more for it.

You’re getting more than just the skin set, though.

What is a Level Up Quest Pack in Fortnite?

The Omega Knight pack will include a Level Up Quest Pack, which is the only way to access the Omega Knight quests. These last until the end of the current season, which should end around June 4. The pack includes 28 quests, which may roll out in batches of seven or more each week.

Completing each tier of quests earns you a new cosmetic that goes with the base Omega Knight skin. Leaker iFireMonkey posted a few images of the rewards, shown above, though as always, these are subject to change between when the information was datamined and when it actually ends up in the game.

What are the Omega Knight quests in Fortnite?

The Monarch quests tasked you with finding level-up coins scattered around the island each week. There’s no suggestion yet what the Omega Knight quests will be like or if they’ll follow that pattern, though.

Omega Knight quests completed bug

If you check your quest tab, you may see the game telling you the Omega Knight quests are already completed. Epic said it’s aware of the issue and that the bug won’t affect quest progress or how you obtain rewards – mostly because none of them are available yet.

While you're waiting on the Omega Knight to arrive in Fortnite, check out some of the ongoing May the 4th quests, including where to find Stormtrooper checkpoints and how to get a lightsaber.

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