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Fortnite Stormtrooper checkpoint locations and how to complete a Stormtrooper bounty

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Fortnite Stormtrooper checkpoints are your hubs for completing several May the 4th challenges. Actually finding them is a bit tricky. There’s only a small handful of the points scattered across the map, usually in out-of-the-way locations. Knowing where they are ahead of time gives you an advantage if you're trying to land at them, though you'll need to take a road trip to finish one of the challenges.

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Where are the Stormtrooper checkpoint locations in Fortnite?

There are three Stormtrooper checkpoints on the map, which we've marked in red on the map above: one near the speedway, one near Shifty Shafts, and then a random one way out past the Greasy Grove landmark. Since the challenge requires you to drive a vehicle from Chonker’s Speedway or from Logjam Lumberyard to one of the checkpoints. It’s usually easier to drop near one of those locations – if you can – and drive to one of the checkpoints nearby.

The Greasy Grove point is less handy for driving to, but it’s a solid choice to land at if you’re aiming to complete one of the May the 4th challenges: Land at a Stormtrooper checkpoint and finish in the top 25. Most players are, so far, focused on the other two checkpoints, so you may have an easier time getting started if you land at this one.

We’re still not completely sure what Fortnite counts as actually landing at a Stormtrooper checkpoint or how close you need to be. Try and aim for a spot near the actual barriers or land next to a Stormtrooper if you can, just to make sure it counts.

How do you complete a bounty from a Stormtrooper?

Roll up to one of the Stormtroopers at a checkpoint and speak with them. You’ll get the option to either take on a bounty or buy a blaster. Go ahead and buy the blaster if you don’t have one already. Defeating enemies with a blaster is also one of the May the 4th challenges, plus it never runs out of ammo.

Make sure not to harm a Stormtrooper in any way before taking on the bounty. If you hit one with a car or attack them, all Stormtroopers across the map will attack you until the match ends.

Stormtrooper bounties function the same as regular bounties. In most cases, you’re asked to defeat a specific enemy or just kill an opponent during the match. As with other bounties, the objective must be completed in the yellow circle marked on your map.

Other players can finish the objective first, but you’ll still get credit for the quest, even if you played no part in completing the request.

If you're hoping to add a bit of the Force to your Fortnite kit, make sure to keep an eye out for one of the four lightsabers that may spawn on the map.

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