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Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Jump a motorboat through different flaming rings

It's Week 4 in Fortnite's newest season and this week, you're on a boat.

Fortnite's new weaponised motorboats are an easy and fast way to get around the map and can tear down your opponent's structures in a single shot.

For this challenge, you'll need to find a motorboat and jump through three flaming rings while driving it. Not all of the boats will be near the sea - one is balancing precariously on a cliff edge - so what you'll need to do is boost your way through the flaming ring in front of you.

Where to find motorboats and flaming rings

You only need to jump through three rings, but we've found a few more in case the boat from that location has already been taken.

The first place you can look is Southwest of Misty Meadows, where you'll find the boat near the cliff edge.

Next, head to the river just north of Slurpy Swamp to find the boat. Travel west from there to find the ring, which you can jump through by launching yourself up the makeshift ramp.

After that, head to the West of Lazy Lake to get a new boat. Follow the river to the left to find the next flaming ring at the top of a waterfall. You can revisit this location and follow the river to the right to find another ring atop a different waterfall.

There's another boat North of Misty Meadows. Drive straight ahead and go under the middle gap in the bridge to find another ring.

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