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Final Fantasy Versus XIII footage leaks from TGS [Update]

Versus XIII

Update: Hope you caught it. It's been pulled.

Original: Agito XIII not enough? Here's Versus for you.

The video shows main character Noctis waiting for a car by the looks of it.

It also shows running about somewhere deserted before ending up in a destroyed road.

After jumping off a cliff, he takes on a massive monster in a metropolitan city, before ending there.

All real-time footage by the looks of it.

Square didn’t bring its Closed Mega Theatre to TGS this year, but were still pretty strict about camera use in its booth.

Get into this quick, before Square pulls it!

Despite being development for a ridiculous amount of time, there's no date yet for the PS3 exclusive, directed by Square golden boy Tetsuya Nomura.

Expect more info on it in January during a special press conference.

Versus XIII is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, along with Agito XIII and mainstay Final Fantasy XIII.

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