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Final Fantasy 15 Royal Arms Location Guide - How to get all Royal Arms, All Tomb Locations

Here's where to find all the Royal Arms in Final Final Fantasy 15. Complete guide to the location of all Royal Arms.

More than just being central to the plot of Final Fantasy 15, the Royal Arms are powerful weapons that Noctis can use that also power his Armiger mode, which sends him into a damage-dealing frenzy as he launches them all at enemies. You get a handful of them as you progress through the story, but six of them are entirely optional and hidden throughout the world. This Final Fantasy 15 Royal Arms Location Guide will help you complete your collection of Royal Arms.

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Royal Arms can be found in Royal Tombs, but most of them aren't easily visible from the map given how they're usually tucked away at the end of a dungeon. There are 11 Royal Arms in all, but you'll only get five of them by playing through the main story: Sword of the Wise, Axe of the Conquerer, Blade of the Mystic, Swords of the Wanderer, and Katana of the Warrior. The other six are hidden in Royal Tombs across Eos. Here's where to find them all.

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Final Fantasy 15 Royal Arms Location Guide - Tomb Locations

To find all the Royal Arms in Final Fantasy 15 will take you quite some time as you track down all the tombs. We've got the help you need, with a complete guide to all the Royal Arm locations in Final Fantasy 15.

Shield of the Just Location

Go to where it says Thommels Glade on your map, just south of the Cauthess Coernix Station. The Royal Tomb looks like a little circle on the map. It's one of the only Royal Tombs that's out in the open on the map proper. Inside you can claim the Shield of the Just immediately.

Bow of the Clever Location

You should be at least Level 50 before you attempt this one. Head to the Parking Spot by the Callaegh Steps and each east until you see a fence with mine cards around it. Go into that area and enter Balouve Mines through the small opening at the end of the tracks. Enter the elevator and exit one floor below. Make your way through the dungeon, going deeper down wherever you can until you find a large room with an Aramusha in it, which you'll need to defeat. It's a tough customer, but you can parry all its strikes. After he's dead, climb towards the waypoint for the Balouve Mines quest until you find a narrow vertical gap in the wall that you can squeeze through. The Tomb of the Clever is on the other side, as is the Bow of the Clever.

Sword of the Tall Location

You should be Level 55 before you try this. The Tomb of the Tall is very plainly on the roadside by The Fallgrove, but it's empty. This is the same tomb that Vyv sends you to during one of his side quests. To learn more about Vyv's sidequests and how to make lots of money, check out Final Fantasy 15: How to Make Big Money Fast. You actually need to go across the street to a strange ruin carved with runes that glow orange at night. You are going to need to come at night, too, because the entrance to the dungeon is only open at night. Go to the very rear of the courtyard and descend the stairs to enter Costlemark Tower. Descend until you come to a room full of glowing stones and several stone elevator platforms. You'll have to fight through some daemons at the bottom of each, but eventually you'll be able to activate the wall in the southwest corner of the room, which leads to the Jabberwock. Defeating the Jabberwock will net you the Sword of the Tall.

Mace of the Fierce Location

You should be Level 30 before you attempt. Head to the westernmost point on the map towards Ravatoghan Trail and park your car at the west end of the looping road past there. Search for the entrance to The Rock of Ravatogh dungeon on the western edge of the map here. Take a right at the first branching path, then left at the next one until you make it to a Haven. Continue down the path until you drop down into an alcove with a giant bird nest with giant eggs, then drop down once more into a very large area. Look for a small path in the southern part of the area which will lead you to the Tomb of the Fierce where you can claim the Mace of the Fierce.

Scepter of the Pious Location

You should be at least Level 35 for this one. Drive to Malmalam Thicket and follow the footpath up the hill there until you find the entrance to the Malmalam Thicket dungeon. Follow the path until you get to the Haven, then turn right. You'll want to make sure you have Rainbow Amulets equipped and Smelling Salts prepared, as the wasp enemies in this dungeon cause the Confusion status effect. Once you've reached a small waterfall, jump on the rocks it falls on to continue back until you reach a large, grassy steppe where you'll encounter a Bandersnatch. Defeat the Bandersnatch and enter the Tomb of the Pious at the end of the area to get the Scepter of the Pious.

Star of the Rogue Location

You should be Level 35 before attempting this, and you'll need access to the Vesperpool area in the northern part of Cleigne before you can get to it. Locate the entrance to The Myrwood dungeon in the western part of this area. Go through the dungeon and beat the Treant at the end to find the Tomb of the Rogue and get the Star of the Rogue.

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