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FF Agito XIII TGS clip leaks out [Update]

agito xiii

Update: It's been pulled.

Original: Bless you, TGS attendee.

Someone's managed to sneak a camera into Square's TGS booth and recorded the promised new footage of Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

The 30 second clip, part of a combined trailer with Final Fantasy Versus XIII, shows off real-time gameplay in similar akin to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, as well as CG clips showing soldiers invading, by the looks of it.

Here's Versus XIII.

Square didn't bring its Closed Mega Theatre to TGS this year, but were still pretty strict about camera use in its booth.

Watch it quick, before it gets yanked by Square.

There's no date yet for the game, but it's set to release on PSP.

Expect more info on it in January during a special press conference.

Agito XIII is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, along with Versus XIII and mainstay Final Fantasy XIII.

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