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Final Fantasy 16 might be making the leap to Xbox, leaker claims

No word on when that might happen though.

If Xbox insider Shpeshal_Nick is to be believed, Final Fantasy 16 could be coming to the Series X/S in the future.

Over the weekend, on The Infinite Podcast, Xbox Era co-founder Shpeshal_Nick made an appearance where he claimed that the currently PS5-exclusive Final Fantasy 16 will make its way onto the Xbox Series X/S, at least at some point. He didn't have any other details outside of the fact that it will be coming to the rival platform, and he wasn't informed of any kind of release date either. A trailer last year noted that Final Fantasy 16's PS5 exclusivity window would only last for six months following its release, so given that it's exactly seven months at the time of writing since it was released, that period should now be over.

A PC port for Final Fantasy 16 was confirmed last year, so we do know that it won't be PS5 exclusive for much longer anyway, though there's no release date on that port either. Plus, last year Square Enix publicly committed to better Xbox support, meaning a belated Final Fantasy 16 port wouldn't be entirely unsurprising. That was evidenced just recently, with the upcoming, Square Enix developed Visions of Mana getting a nice spotlight during last week's Xbox Developer Direct. As well as that, he also leaked that a Chrono Cross remaster was in the works, which again turned out to be true, marking two Square Enix projects he's accurately shared information on.

Speaking of Visions of Mana, Shpeshal_Nick shared prior to the Xbox Developer Direct that the RPG would be making an appearance during the showcase, which obviously turned out to be true. While it doesn't outright prove that Final Fantasy 16 will come to Xbox at some point, it does lend some credence to the claim.

Final Fantasy 16 received its first round of DLC, Echoes of the Fallen, last month, while also revealing the second part, The Rising Tide, which is due out this spring.

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