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Elden Ring chad ‘Let Me Solo Her’ is immortalised with new mod

The legend of ‘Let Me Solo Her’ is never to be forgotten, especially with Garden of Eyes’ latest mod.

After players noticed the presence of one particularly skilled player, ‘Let Me Solo Her’, in Elden Ring last week, the legend has been immortalised with a new mod. The player, who sports only a pot for a hat and nothing else, rose to stardom last week after multiple Tarnished came together to note the existence of a near-naked multiplayer summon fighting Malenia solo.

Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is arguably one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring, if not one of the most troublesome bosses across the entire Soulsborne series. However, Let Me Solo Her has taken it upon themselves to help Tarnished folk beat her. They simply have on request; let them solo her.

Sure enough, the player has seemingly been summoned by multiple struggling Tarnished, and they’ve helped many by brawling with Malenia butt-naked. It’s an impressive feat, that’s for sure, and Let Me Solo Her will undoubtedly go down in the Elden Ring history books.

Players have been so impressed by the bravery and patience of the player, and so many have wanted to meet the legend themselves, that a mod has since been created allowing players to have Let Me Solo Her to hand anywhere and everywhere.

Garden of Eyes is a YouTuber and content creator in the Souls scene, and I’m currently revelling in their latest creation. To preserve the legend and allow players to fight alongside the pot-bearing, katana-wielding chad, Garden of Eyes conjured up a mod that replaces the Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes with Let Me Solo Her.

Now, you can summon Let Me Solo Her for fights other than Malenia, and they appear to be able to take on bosses solo with little problems for the most part; much like their namesake.

The mod is available from Garden of Eyes’ Patreon from £4 per month, and if you can bear to part with your pack of pups, Let Me Solo Her can forever be by your side across The Lands Between.

What started out as a lone player simply wishing to help others has now become something much more. Let Me Solo Her has certainly forged a path for many new Elden Ring memes, but they’ve also helped multiple players out of a pinch, and will continue to do so forever more.

Have you encountered Let Me Solo Her, or will you be checking out how they perform as a Spirit Summon? Let us know what you think.

In the meantime, if you need some help but intend on taking it on solo, check out our Elden Ring walkthrough for guides to every boss, item, and the the many quests across The Lands Between. We also dived into what we might expect from Elden Ring DLC here, if that takes your fancy.

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