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Dying Light 2 endings explained - How to get each Dying Light 2 ending

It's the end of the world as you know it

Dying Light 2 endings are a bit of a confusing mess, involving multiple choices made at key points throughout the game and completely ignoring other important decisions.

The choices you think might matter have less of an impact than the game would suggest. Factions and water towers aside, there’s a handful of major decisions that influence which ending you get, and one of them comes quite early in the game. It should go without saying, but this guide contains spoilers for major plot points in Dying Light 2.

How many endings does Dying Light 2 have?

There are at least five endings in Dying Light 2, with a few permutations and a not-so-great secret ending. Which one you get depends on your relationship with Hakon, if you side with the PK at the Radio Tower, and whether you deviate from the PK path and end up helping Juan at the Radio Tower.

Other faction alignment choices make no difference. You could feasibly give every structure to the Peacekeepers, then still give the Radio Tower to Frank and get one of the better Lawan endings.

What is the best Dying Light 2 ending?

The best ending depends on your goals for the city, but there is one that makes nearly everyone happy. Missiles don’t strike the city, Frank lives, Hakon is alive, and Lawan, free from her burden of vengeance, leaves the city with Aiden. It’ll take some work to reach that point, though, and you might have already locked yourself out of the ending.

What choices affect the ending in Dying Light 2?

These are the choices that matter:

  • Whether you kill or spare Hakon in Old Villedor
  • Whether you give the Radio Tower to Frank, the Peacekeepers, or Juan
  • If you save Frank during Breakthrough (this option is only available if you gave him the Radio Tower)
  • Whether you kill or spare Hakon in the No Mercy quest
  • If you save Lawan or detonate the missiles in X13

The Hakon and X13 choices are the more confusing, so we’ll give those a bit of extra attention.

Hakon’s role in Dying Light 2 endings

If you leave Hakon to die in Old Villedor, he doesn’t die. He’ll turn up later in No Mercy (or Deals with the Devil, depending on which route you took to get there) no matter what choice you make. If you left him to die, he loses trust in you and won’t cooperate regardless of what you do.

If you helped him, you have more choices. Say:

  • Let’s not fight
  • Don’t do it Lawan

Hakon will stay alive and be around during X13 to save Lawan. If Hakon dies, there’s no way you can save Lawan and the city in X13.

Dying Light 2 X13 choices explained

The final decision you make in the last story mission is confusing at best, thanks to some odd phrasing and no way to predict what will actually happen.

Save Lawan choice

No matter who you’ve allied with or who controls the radio tower, if you save Lawan, the city gets wrecked. Aiden won’t leave with her at the end either.

If you kept Hakon alive, he’ll leave the city with Aiden. If not, Aiden departs Villedor alone. Neither of these is ideal, considering how many people die.

Let Lawan detonate the bombs choice

This one is a bit more complicated, but it’s the significantly better choice of the two. Here’s how it playes out.

  • If Hakon was alive, he’ll save Lawan. The city is saved. If the Survivors control the broadcast and you saved Frank, Aiden and Lawan will leave Villedor together
  • If Hakon was alive, but you allied with the Peacekeepers or Juan, he’ll still save Lawan, but she refuses to leave with him.
  • If Hakon is dead, Lawan dies too, though the city is saved. Aiden leaves alone

So, in short, if you want to leave with Lawan, you need to:

  • Keep Hakon alive
  • Save Frank
  • Let Lawan detonate the charges

How to get the Dying Light 2 secret ending

If you're hearing chatter about a secret ending in Dying Light 2, it's the ideal ending where Aiden leaves with Lawan - not exactly secret, but difficult to achieve nontheless. Following the summarized guidance above about leaving with Lawan will get you this secret ending.

What happens to Villedor in Dying Light 2?

That’s the end of Aiden’s story, but there’s still the matter of Villedor to consider, and it, too, is determined by certain choices made throughout the game.

The Survivor ending

We’re unofficially dubbing this the Survivor ending since it revolves around ousting the PK and reviving the Nightrunners. This is the best outcome for the average people, and to get it, you should:

  • Give Frank the Radio Tower
  • Believe Colonel Williams instead of Jack Matt
  • Keep Hakon alive
  • Save Frank during Breakout
  • Let Lawan detonate the explosives

The Peacekeeper ending

This one is a bit more straightforward since it mostly involves Frank and Jack Matt. In it, the PK rule the city, and Aiden will leave alone. To get this one:

Let Frank die, either during Breakout or by giving the PK the Radio Tower Believe Jack Matt instead of Colonel Williams

The Juan Rainer endings

This is an odd one and definitely not the best ending, at least not for the folks of Villedor. Juan takes control of the city and its resources and turns the Floating Fortress into his personal castle. To get this one:

  • Side with Juan at the Radio Tower (which automatically dooms Frank to death)
  • Kill Colonel Williams

If you side with Juan and keep Williams alive, the two of them will rule the city together.

If you're still making your way through Villedor and need some extra help along the way, check out our collection of Dying Light 2 guides for more tips.

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