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No Russian: Modern Warfare 3 reveal teases the return of CoD’s most controversial moment

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is introducing its villain, and you already know who he is.

Image credit: Activision

In case you've somehow missed it, Modern Warfare 3 is the new Call of Duty for 2023. It's been leaked more than one way, and later officially announced with a November 10 release date.

Today, we got the game's reveal trailer. More specifically, a villain reveal trailer for the return of Makarov, whose name should be familiar to anyone who played the original Modern Warfare trilogy. Despite the reboots not actually involving him, he's somehow returned to be the villain of the third game.

A small tease for Makarov's return was actually hidden in a post-credits scene in Modern Warfare 2, which referenced the infamous No Russian mission. Could there be another No Russian in this year's game? Call of Duty is out of ideas, so who's to say!

You can watch the Makarov trailer below:

The trailer features a surprising amount of live-action footage of Makarov in prison... getting a new tattoo? In the background, we hear the voice of Captain Price confirming that he's the villain of the piece, and explaining why Makarov is scary.

The tiny bits of gameplay footage in the trailer seem to suggest a rehash of a few moments from Modern Warfare's past. The one that stands out the most is a terrorist attack that looks to be a recreation of the infamous No Russian mission from MW2 (though maybe at a stadium this time). The plain wreck from MW 3 can also be seen.

A proper reveal will take place in Warzone on August 17, as confirmed in today's trailer. After which, you can expect more information to start dropping.

Platforms (likely the same stack of PC, PS4/5, Xbox) have yet to be confirmed for Modern Warfare 3, and neither has the name of the studio leading development.

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