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Cage: Heavy Rain is not meant "for tabloids"

Heavy Rain 3

Quantic Dream boss David Cage has hit out at the tabloids and "the man", saying he never wrote or developed Heavy Rain for the media or censorship.

"When you write something or you develop a project like Heavy Rain, you don't write for tabloids. You don't wonder what censorship will think of it, because otherwise you'd never do anything," he said to OPM.

He also said the game isn't shocking "for the sake of being shocking."

"Nothing is gratuitous, and I think that everything supports the narrative and the emotional immersion of the player," he further added.

The thriller's ESRB rating got detailed last week, including its many sex scenes and "intense" violent scenes.

Game drops on February 23 in the US and the UK on February 26 for PS3.

The opening nine minutes from Heavy Rain was revealed this morning.

Thanks, CVG.

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