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Bloodborne guide: spoiler-free "where to go next" walkthrough

Bloodborne players don't necessarily need to be told where every item is - sometimes they just want the big picture.


Bloodborne guide: spoiler-free walkthrough

Bloodborne is a game designed to be solved by a community working together - it's built into the very fabric of the game via the Messenger system. There's so much to see and do, and so many mysteries yet to be solved at all, that it's almost impossible for any single player to figure everything out.

That said, it's a great deal of fun doing it on your own. For those of you who'd rather avoid the spoilers in our full Bloodborne guide and walkthrough, here's a much more stripped back roadmap of sorts showing you when and where to go.

You will still need to explore thoroughly to ensure you see and do everything, and we haven't told you the "right" answers to decisions. Note that every time you beat a boss time advances and the game world may change, so be sure to tick off each point you want to get done - especially those related to NPCs - before you continue.

There are no boss names in here; only locations. All optional zones are listed as soon as they are available, but can be visited any time before end game. They're often much too hard for you when they first open, although suicide runs to collect treasure are lucrative.

  • Iosefka's Clinic
    The path from the starting zone is linear, but make sure you either die, or use the first Lantern you find, to return to Hunter's Dream and collect your starting equipment.
  • Central Yahrnam accessed from Iosefka's Clinic
    Make sure you back track to the starting room and speak to the NPC there to unlock the ability to collect NPCs. There are three important NPC windows to visit, and one friendly NPC out in the world. One NPC window will give you a key item and trigger a quest, while another can be collected, although its best to leave this till after the next bullet point. There's one optional boss and one mandatory boss. The mandatory boss will unlock the path to weapon upgrades and the next area. After visiting either boss arena and gaining one Insight point you can return to Hunter's Dream to level up.
  • Cathedral Ward accessed from Central Yharnam
    You can unlock the ability to collect NPCs here, as an alternative to the first location. It is your choice where to send them. You should now return to collect the window NPC mentioned previously, then continue on to Old Yharnam.
  • Old Yharnam accessed from Cathedral Ward
    There is a strong foe on a high rooftop in Old Yharnam whom you should not kill. There is an optional boss in Yharnam who should be killed; after fighting it, return to Hunter's Dream to speak with an NPC to unlock a new path in Cathedral Ward. You can also return to a window NPC in Central Yharnam for a gift at this point.
  • Yahar'gul, Unseen Village accessed via death by specific enemy
    After killing the previous optional boss you will sometimes meet an enemy who can transport you to Yahar'gul, Unseen Village, an end game location from which you will need to escape. There is an NPC in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village whom you can collect with the correct attire; you should do this before the end of the Byrgenwerth zone. It is best to leave everything else here for later.
  • Cathedral Ward
    Purchase a key in Hunter's Dream to explore Cathedral Ward more easily; co-op is blocked until a gate is opened. There are several important key items to collect. There are two window NPCs in the Cathedral Ward who can be collected, one of whom requires appropriate attire. There is a friendly NPC in the world who triggers a quest. There is a mandatory boss in this area. Defeating it allows you to access a password for another area. After defeating it you can earn a key item from window NPCs, which unlocks an optional area called Nightmare Frontier. Leave the area and come back to reset window NPCs to normal behaviour.
  • Hemwick Charnel Lane accessed from Cathedral Ward
    Defeat the optional boss here to unlock the ability to equip runes.
  • Forbidden Woods accessed from Cathedral Ward
    There is a mandatory boss here. There is also an NPC whom you can collect. There is a shortcut back to the first zone with a key item, and an optional boss.
  • Forsaken Castle Cainhurst access from Hemwick Charnel Lane
    After collecting the key item in the previous section you can access this optional zone. It features an optional boss, a covenant and the end of an NPC questline.
  • Brygenwerth - accessed from Forbidden Woods
    Mandatory boss. Defeating this boss will change the world state considerably. Be sure to collect all NPCs and progress quests before completing this zone.
  • Yahar'gul, Unseen Village accessed from previous boss battle
    There is an optional boss and a mandatory boss here. There is a key that opens Upper Cathedral Ward.
  • Upper Cathedral Ward accessed from Cathedral Ward
    An optional area with an optional boss, a covenant, a chalice and some NPC quest progress.
  • Lecture Building accessed from Yahar'gul, Unseen Village
    A hub area with paths to two zones, one optional and one mandatory.
  • Nightmare Frontier accessed from Lecture Building
    Optional zone featuring an optional boss and a chalice.
  • Nightmare of Mensis accessed from Lecture Building
    Two mandatory bosses.
  • End game
    You will now be offered a binary choice which determines the ending of the game. If you have completed certain actions (spoilers), a third ending is possible.

With thanks to throwaway070690 on Reddit and Fextralife.

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