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Bloodborne: Mergo's Loft

Our Bloodborne walkthrough now takes us through the penultimate mandatory dungeon crawl of the game. Are you ready?

Bloodborne is so close to finished now; this is the last proper dungeon crawl before you enter the end game zone.

From the Mergo’s Loft: Middle Lantern we activated at the end of the Micolash boss battle, move onwards up the stairs and around the corner to a second set of stairs. A Hound Crow and two Crow Hounds await you at the top, as well as two Blood Stone Chunks.

When you go up the next flight of stairs and around the corner, you'll have to face the Shadow of Yharnam again. Yeah, the three guys you fought as a boss battle in the Forbidden Woods. Hooray. Divide and conquer for best results.

Keep going on up the stairs and look for a small staircase heading down on the left. Don't worry about these, as they don't go anywhere interesting, but there's a little path to the left of them where you can grab two Blood Stone Chunks.


Back on the main path and continuing your climb to the top, you'll meet three Spider Pigs. It is permitted at this time to have a little cry. Sneak up and land a Charged Attack and Backstrike on the first one, then dance about luring one away from the other; you don't want to fight them both together if you can help it. The best opening they give you is after their "look mum, I can walk on two legs" trick.

Once the wretched abominations are down, look around for a Nourishing Damp Blood Gem and two Kin Coldblood, then take the stairs on the far left leading down. Two of the three members of world famous boy band Shadow of Yharnam are below, along with a Bell-ringer Woman, whom you should beat up first, of course. There're two Blood Stone Chunks and three Blood Vials in this area.

Go down the stairs in the corner of this area. Cross the water and follow the path to the left to smack an Imp. Go back to the water and follow it around to climb the stairs. There's a corridor below you can drop down to, then head up the stairs to loop back to where you fought the Spider Pigs.

Take the high road this time, killing four members of the world famous boy band Shadow of Yharnam as you go. At the top of this area you'll see a woman in white, whom you should ignore, instead taking the stairs on the opposite side. There's a chest here with a Iosefka's Blood Vial; you can only carry one of these, so if you sent someone to the Clinic and accepted a reward you may not benefit.

Go through the doorway to a lift, dropping you back at the Mergo's Loft: Middle Lantern. Take a break here if you're not ready for the boss.

Take the lift back up and take the stairs, approaching the woman in white. Go up the next flight of stairs too, and then the lift, then head down the hall to the Mergo's Wet Nurse boss battle.

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