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Bloodborne: how to beat Mergo's Wet Nurse

Our Bloodborne guide moves on to one of the final bosses. We're almost there.

Bloodborne is almost over. Defeating this boss opens the path to the final confrontation. Let's get to it.

Mergo's Wet Nurse has a bunch of arms - really an excess, if I'm honest - each equipped with a sword, and can hit you from a much greater distance than you think. This is where all your practice at dodging and rolling will come into play; you need to be as agile as possible.

How to beat Mergo's Wet Nurse

The Wet Nurse usually attacks in combos of three or four. Avoiding these completely isn't easy, especially if you ever want to hit the damn thing. You could try dashing in to get one or two hits in between fits of flailing; if you're not very good at dodging, use a longer weapon, but in general rolling and a fast wepaon is quicker. Either way, this will take a while.

Alternately, take up position behind the Wet Nurse and continually wail away, keeping just enough stamina up to escape if necessary You'll take some damage, but keep up your attacks and you'll Regain what you lose - mostly.

Eventually the Wet Nurse will jump to escape you, at which point you should chase it down, roll through its attacks, and get back to your butt paddlin'.

Whichever method you choose, the Wet Nurse has a nasty attack you need to watch for. It raises its arms and summons a purple ball. Just drop whatever you're doing and get in behind it, staying right on its buttocks for the duration of the attack. The room will darken and the boss will go nuts, and several mini-mes will appear right next to you. Dodge their attacks but do not let yourself be pulled away from the Wet Nurse's behind; it's so hard to find it again in the dark. Your best bet is to always dodge the clones' attacks in the direction of the Wet Nurse. Roll right against its heaving buttocks.


Eventually the Wet Nurse will calm down again and you can resume your leisurely smacking. repeat this pattern several times until it is dead as disco. You'll receive a piece of Umbilical Cord as your reward, which - well, spoilers.

You'll now be able to light the Wet Nurse's Lunarium Lantern - and this is end game. Go now and do anything else you still want to do (visit optional areas, like Forsaken Castle Cainhurst, which we haven't even talked about yet; chat with NPCs; visit secret locations; pick up any treasure you want; upgrade and level up; do Chalice Dungeons) because once you've beaten the final boss you'll be dropped straight into New Game Plus, with no further chance to explore. If you go back to Hunter's Dream it will look different, but you can still use everything as normal - just don't go off to the newly opened area, okay?

Now you have two choices: you can go do a bunch of optional bosses and areas, starting with Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, or you can do a last bit of treasure hunting and fight the final boss.

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