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Bloodborne: Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, how to beat Martyr Logarius

Bloodborne players who find the path to Forsaken Castle Cainhurst can collect some sweet loot.

Our Bloodborne guide pretty much goes from A to B, but now that we're approaching the end of the game it's time to explore some optional areas.

If you don't care to visit Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, just skip straight onto the final boss section. This is where you can score some of the coolest gear in the game, though, and join a covenant.

Assuming you have the Cainhurst Summons from Iosefka's Clinic, travel to the Witch's Abode Lantern and walk back outside, minding out for the Crazed Hags.

Kill the two Cleaver Brutes on your way down the hill, then approach the stone pillar at the crossroads, watching for the other roaming Brute. After a short cutscene, you'll be able to examine the coach door and ride off to your destination.

Watch some more cutscenes - I'm glad I was wearing my most spiffing boots - and ask yourself some pointed questions about your character's sanity. Go up the stairs and through the gate at the top to find the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle Lantern just ahead and to the left.

This area is full of Crawlers, enemies right out of your Japanese horror-inspired nightmares. They have both front and rear attacks, so your best bet is stay to one side. You'll need a tough old weapon (+8 at 25 scaling stat, at least) to interrupt their attacks, so be cautious. They may move in silly little jumps but when they attack, they hit hard, and they have surprisingly long reach.

There's a stash of Numbing Mists on your left near the fountain; you'll aggro a Crawler retrieving them, most like, and possibly up to three. Once you've grabbed them, head around the right side of the big structure on the right side of the courtyard to grab a Frenzied Coldblood. Then go around the left side, taking the lower path, and battle the Snake Clusters one by one. At the end of the path you'll find a Tempering Blood Gemstone.


Now go over to the other building on the left side of the courtyard and check the left side of the stairs up to the big door; you should see a Frenzied Coldblood. On the other side of the stairs look for four Numbing Mists guarded by a number of Crawlers.

Now go up the stairs and through the door. In this area you'll find several Stone Ghouls, which won't attack unless you get close by, and will stop if you wander away again. On the right you'll see a Madman's Knowledge, and in the far right corner there's a Reiterpallasch, a firearm you can wield in your main hand. Then in the far left corner there's another Madman's Knowledge behind a pillar.

Take the stairs in the middle of the room up, minding out for the Stone Ghouls on each side. You can grab a Blond Stone Chunk on the right. Take the door at the end of the path and grab four Quicksilver Bullets from the left, then battle your way through the Stone Ghouls to the chest on the right, where you'll find the Noble Dress chest attire.

Through the door on the far right side of the room you'll find a set of stairs. At the top if you move forward you'll be attacked by a Gargoyle, so skirt the area to take the stairs on the right, where you can sneak around and backstab it. When you move further up on the right you'll face another Gargoyle. Once the room is clear, move along the upper path on the right and up the circular stairs. There's a Gargoyle up here, next to a Blood Stone Chunk.

Back down the bottom of the stairs, take the main path forward and then left. In the next room you can take a small flight of stairs to face a Swordsmith. Continue on the path, but turn right before entering the next area. Fight your way through the Gargoyles to find the excellent (looking) Executioner attire set.

Go into the room on the right to find more Stone Ghouls. In the chest on the left you can pick up the Vileblood Register and activate the life shortcut.

Back in the previous room, take the stairs up to battle another Swordsmith; it's lurking further down the pipe on the right. There's a Blood Stone Chunk in the corner here, but before you grab it circle the room and kill all the baddies waiting by ladders.

Now look for a small opening in a window in the far corner; you can drop down to a balcony below if you pass through. This gives you access to a room on the left with the last piece of the Executioner's set in the corner, but on the other side of the room are three pieces of the Knight's attire set. Your #Fashionborne is gonna be on point.

Go back outside and drop down onto a small ledge, then cross the rooftop to the doorway on the left. On the right side of the next rooftop is a Kin Coldblood, but be warned: when you pick it up a Gargoyle will attack.

Back through the nearest doorway, use the lever and take the ladder on the right, just before the stairs. Up the stairs on the left you'll find a Warm Blood Gemstone. Take the corridor to the left of this chest and move cautiously across to the far side of the room, killing an Imp on the way before taking the stairs up.

On the rooftop ahead you'll find three Gargoyles guarding a Knight's Wig . Drop down on the right to the ledge below, then go left to look for a roof acting as a kind of bridge. Drop down again to land on this rooftop, and head right, looking for a spot near the end of where you can drop down on the left to a circular rooftop, and then down once more to a bridge.

Move to the left and find a Kin Coldblood, then take the ladder. Grab the Bold Hunter's Mark across the roof, and then take the long path moving up, which drops you at a boss battle.

How to beat Martyr Logarius

Beating Logarius will net you the Crown of Illusions and the satisfaction of a job well done.

The Martyr has two kinds of projectile attack, so your first task is to figure out which one its using. If the boss makes a quick circle motion, it will fire a small projectile, and you can just duck behind a bit of cover.

If it makes a slow circle, it's gonna fire a big one, and hiding won't do you any good. Instead, keep mobile and dodge it, and get behind him as soon as you can so you can stop worrying about these. As you do work your way back there, watch out for melee attacks, which Logarius will unleash if you get close enough. You can cut down on Logarius's projectile use by destroying the weapons he sometimes leaves on the ground.

This boss is pretty easy to stun; if you were okay with the Crawlers, you'll be okay here. Always dodge after two or three attacks, though, as he will counter-attack. When Logarius plunges his weapon into the ground, there's an area of effect attack coming, and after this he powers up a little and becomes harder to stagger, so be more conservative with your attacks.

There are two specific moves worth watching out for: if Logarius jumps into the air pause for a moment before dodging a couple of times in a row. If he levitates high above the arena, wait for him to move and then dodge immediately; alternately go behind cover.

When you've smacked Logarius down, light the Lantern. If you'd like to join the Vilebloods covenant, you can now do so. Put on the Crown of Illusions while standing by the throne, then go through the door accessible after the cutscenes. Pass through, go up the lengthy staircase, and light the second Lantern you find partway down the corridor on the left.

Look for a table on the far right where you can collect an Unopened Summons. Now approach the throne and kneel in order to swear an oath to the Vilebloods, earning a Cainhurst Badge and Corruption, as well as the popular Respect gesture.

We're done here. If you like, it's time to go to the Upper Cathedral Ward.

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