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Bloodborne: beginners hints, tips and secrets

Bloodborne keeps its secrets and even its gameplay basics close to the chest, but we've winkled some out for you.

Beginner's hints, tips and secrets

Bloodborne isn't easy, and more to the point it does very little to explain itself to the player. Even really skilled gamers may miss a trick or two thanks to the deliberately opaque design. Here are a few bits of advice:


  • There is no pause button. Opening the menu will leave you vulnerable to attack by enemies and other players. You are only safe at Hunter's Dream.
  • Building for strength and endurance will make melee combat and survival easier, so favour those stats if you're on your first playthrough and finding it tough. Use this advice for combat and secret moves to enhance your fighting abilities.
  • Don't have enough Blood Echoes for an upgrade or item? Check your inventory for consumables that render into currency. Here's a full guide to upgrading weapons here.
  • Enemies have specific attack patterns, so watch and learn before smashing the attack buttons.
  • Enemies are most dangerous in groups. Use Pebbles to lure individuals away from the pack and thin their ranks before wading in.
  • Don't be shy about using stealth or just avoiding tougher enemies; you don't need to kill everything to progress. Some aspirational enemies are gating higher level content and loot, so don't feel obliged to engage them.
  • If all else fails, leg it. Many enemies will give up after a short chase.



  • Ration your Blood Vials, but remember you can only carry 20, so don't be afraid to use one if you've got a few. Both Blood Vials and Quicksilver Ammunition are plentiful and can be farmed if necessary, and any extras over the limit you pick up will go to your storage back at Hunter's Dream.
  • Collectible items (consumables, ammo, loot) are indicated by glowing lights. Common stashes include on corpses, on fallen enemies and in corners.
  • Make sure you explore the environment carefully; many items are breakable and will hide secret paths and items. Be careful, though - the sound may attract attention.
  • Shortcuts can be opened between many areas, allowing you to get to your goals more quickly. Be sure to find them.
  • Lit windows can be interacted with; the people inside may have useful clues to share.
  • Not everyone is an enemy; don't attack friendly NPCs. They may offer advice, items and quests.
  • Boss arenas are guarded by one way doors; don't enter unless you're ready. The only ways out are death, victory or the Bold Hunter's Mark item.
  • Always check Messengers; some are permanent tutorial prompts, but others are hints and secrets left by other players. Don't trust them implicitly! Souls fans have a very sharp sense of humour.

Be sure to read our basic controls and when you're feeling confident we recommend tackling Chalice Dungeons.

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