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DICE's solution to Battlefield 2042 Portal's XP earn problem: a confusing multi-tier system

Battlefield Portal will very soon let you earn XP when playing community-made modes, if you can parse out this chart.

DICE is back from the holidays, and one of the first items on the agenda is adressing the XP earn problem in Battlefield 2042's Portal mode.

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Shortly after the launch of Battlefield 2042, some quickly started creating XP farming servers in the community-driven Portal experience. DICE quickly caught on, and decided to disable XP earn in Portal modes, except official ones made by the developer itself or the approved few.

This was always intended to be a short-term solution, but it ended up driving many players away from Portal. Today, the game's developers revealed what will be done to fix these problems. For starters, all the changes outlined below will roll out tomorrow, January 20 alongside the 3.2 patch.

The XP cap per minute in Portal is being increased to 300, which should be enough to reward players without making it easy to farm XP.

Mastery and Weekly Missions can now progress within Portal, but not in all scenarios. To help you make some sense of these restrictions, the developer created this not-at-all-confusing chart. It shows that Battlefield Portal categorises experiences in three different tiers: Full, Moderate, and Restricted.

Full has no limitations, and works just like the rest of Battlefield 2042. These will be limited to the featured Portal experiences. One step below that is Moderate - which comes with the new 300 XP-per-minute cap - lets you progress weekly missions, and earn Mastery XP up to MR12. Finally, Restricted will only let you earn up to 300XP per minute, and nothing else.

Moderate servers are those that use existing modifiers, except for damage and HP, and not the Rules Editor or AI. If your game mode uses the editor, has AI enemies, or adjusts HP/damage values, it'll be considered Restricted under the new classification.

Unfortunately, weapon and vehicle attachment unlocks remain exclusive to the Portal featured experiences (Full).

Of course, without any clear indication of which servers have which XP restrictions, this is going to be even more confusing for players. Portal developer Ripple Effect is well aware of that fact, and is working on some UI updates to make it easier to identify what sort of restrictions each server has. The studio didn't say when we can expect those UI changes to arrive, however.

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