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Where to find Peter Griffin in Fortnite

[Peter Griffin laugh]

Where to find Peter Griffin in Fortnite is the easy part. The real challenge comes from actually having to defeat him, which can take several tries and requires careful planning, more so than with your usual NPC boss fights. He may be a goofball, but he packs a mean punch.

Our Fortnite Peter Griffin guide walks you through where to find him and what to expect once you do.

Fortnite Peter Griffin

Where to find Peter Griffin in Fortnite

Peter is one of Fortnite Chapter 5’s new NPC boss characters, and he’s different from the Peter you’ll (eventually) get to buy in the Fortnite store. This Peter Griffin wears a gold coat, is weirdly hench, and packs a unique, powerful shotgun, and he can summon four guards to make your life miserable once you start reducing his HP.

Peter, like the other three Chapter 5 bosses, spawns in the same location every time. A gold medal with a vaguely Peter-shaped head denotes his location, which is right in the middle of Snooty Steps. This area is a pretty popular drop point, and not just for people who want to get an early advantage. There are quite a few spots to scavenge for weapons, and the rooftops make good vantage points for picking off opponents before they realize what’s happening.

As far as I could tell, Peter’s hiding place at this spot stays the same. He’s downstairs in the room to the left of the staircase, assuming you’re on the stairs facing the foyer. Peter starts attacking you as soon as you open the door, so make sure you’re ready to deal with him before heading inside.

How to beat Peter Griffin in Fortnite

Peter has a lot of shields, so I recommend going in with an EMP grenade that shreds shields. The cluster grenades that linger for a few seconds before exploding are also a solid choice, since you can surround Peter with them and get out of his range while they make short work of his health.

Make sure you have shields of your own and full ammo for your weapon of choice, ideally a shotgun of your own or an SMG with a large magazine. It’s not the easiest task. Peter restores his shields pretty often, and he summons grunts to defend him once his health gets low. It’s easy to get overwhelmed between Peter’s onslaught and his minions, so it might take you a few tries to finish get the hang of how it all works.

Fortnite Peter Griffin drops

Once you do defeat Peter, he drops a medallion that speeds up your shield restoration. However, it also makes you more visible to other players. The island’s other three bosses drop medals that do the same thing – and also show players exactly where you are. It’s a risky situation, so plan carefully before you go running off with Peter’s treasure.

If you need a helping hand in taking Peter down, grab one of the Fortnite weapon cases to score a rare, modded weapon that's unlike the common stuff you'll find in chests.

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