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Fortnite weapon cases locations and how to get them

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Fortnite weapon cases are your ticket to some bonus XP and some excellent weapons – or an early grave. It depends on how alert you are. These shiny new boxes are part of the Chapter 5 update that's also introducing new Lego crossovers, and they include rare, often modified weapons to help give you a competitive edge. One aspect of their appearance means actually getting your hands on a weapon case is pretty risky, though.

Our Fortnite weapon cases guide points out where to find weapon cases and what to keep in mind as you go searching.

Fortnite weapon cases

Fortnite weapon cases locations

Weapon cases spawn around the map, and from my testing and chatting with others, it seems like they spawn in fixed locations. That might change in future seasons or updates, but for now, you can expect to find seven cases dotted around the map’s perimeter and one near the middle. Fortnite marks weapon case locations with a white oval that has a red symbol in the middle, so look for this symbol when you’re planning your route on the battle bus.

Depending on where you visit, you may see wooden crates or other objects with the same symbol on them. These aren’t the actual weapon crates, and they usually don’t have anything in them.

The actual weapon cases are underground and look like the cases in the image at the top of this post. You can usually find a staircase leading to a lower level by just glancing around the area, but if you’re having trouble, look for a painted arrow on a wall nearby to point you in the right direction. The cases look like this.

These are hotly contested, so if you want one, make it a priority to find and loot weapon cases first. Otherwise, someone else will.

How to get Fortnite weapon case

Assuming someone hasn’t looted the case yet, you can interact with it the same as you would any other object to get what’s inside. What’s inside is a rare, modded weapon or two, boasting enhancements that you won’t find from your average loot chest or other windfall.

Since the locations are fixed in the same spots for each match, they’re ideal spots for players to camp at and pick off unsuspecting loot hunters. The staircases in particular are easy to hide around and pop out to deal with someone as they approach, so bear that in mind as you go for your weapon case.

I recommend approaching from an unconventional direction. Instead of going down the stairs, bust through the floor in a few places to keep any opponents guessing or, if you can, break down a wall. Have some throwables on hand as well. Lobbing a few well-placed grenades down the stairs is an easy way to turn the tables and clear out the room before heading in.

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