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Valve E3 event "completely cancelled"


Just in case you needed more clarification, Valve's E3 event in Los Angeles next week is officially off. No more.  "Completely cancelled".

Just so we make it clear to you.

Confirmation came via an email from Valve's Doug Lombardi earlier today on the conference's cancellation at the Regal Theater.

"Just a quick note to clarify the Monday Press Event at the Regal Theater is completely cancelled. Please do not head over there expecting to see us."

Instead, all the stuff that will be happening from the developer will happen on the E3 show floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The announcement comes just 48 hours after announcing it had delayed Portal 2 into next year, having previously been down for a 2010 release.

The developer also announced the surprise it was planning for the show next week would be "Portal 2 related".

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