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Treyarch details upcoming updates for Black Ops PS3


Treyarch's detailed updates that are in the pipeline for Call of Duty: Black Ops on PS3.

Community boss Josh Olin dropped the info in a post on the developer's forums.

Upcoming updates include:

  • Improved matchmaking
  • Improved match and host selection
  • Additional improvements to party system
  • Weekly and Monthly leaderboards stats reporting incorrectly for kills, deaths and assists

Earlier, Treyarch released a patch for the PC version of Black Ops, which is for "performance improvement" reasons. There were reports there was massive lag in the game earlier this week.

After its release on Tuesday, Activision announced yesterday Black Ops was the largest entertainment launch in history, with the game taking roughly $360 million in the UK and North America in its first day on sale.

UK day one sales were at 1.4 million for day one, according to Chart-Track earlier this morning.

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