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CoD Cold War Outbreak intel | Locations of artifacts & documents

Intel — in the form of artifacts, documents, and audio logs — is becoming a staple of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone. Part Easter Egg, part teaser for future updates, these collectables help to flesh out the world of CoD.

Now that Season 2 is out, there's a whole new world of intel to find. Outbreak is no exception: in addition to the zombie head artifacts across all maps, there are one-offs to be found in each map. Slain enemies can also drop intel documents, although audio logs are so far conspicuously absent from Outbreak.

There are 25 pieces of intel in Outbreak: 12 artifacts and 13 documents. Each time you pick up a new piece of intel, the game will update you on how many of the total you've found.

Artifact locations in Outbreak

Like all intel, artifacts in Outbreak are divided into four categories: Requiem, Omega, Maxis, and Dark Aether.

You'll need to play on all three maps in order to collect all intel artifacts in Outbreak.

This YouTube video by AC OMEGA shows all artifact locations on each map:

Zombie heads

Zombie heads can be found on all three Outbreak maps. Simply enough, during an investigation with the Defend objective, a fallen zombie may drop its head. You can then collect it from the floor.

Zombie heads are part of the Requiem intel category.

Artifacts on the Alpine map

There are three artifacts on the Alpine map:

  • Empty Jugger-Nog (Dark Aether): Can be found on the roof of the Public Baths.
  • Frost Blast Canister (Requiem): At the Base Landing, climb onto the roof of the ski lift station. The artifact is in the ski lift's scaffolding.
  • Mystery Box Bunny (Dark Aether): Found inside the red house in Base Suites. It's on a bed upstairs.

Artifacts on the Ruka map

There are four artifacts on the Ruka map:

  • Aetherium Crystal Shard (Requiem): Found in the burnt forest, sitting on a rock very close to the edge of the map.
  • Ivan's Head (Dark Aether): Perched atop a telephone pole next to the Train Trestle. You'll need to parachute from the bridge onto the pole in order to grab this one.
  • Kravchenko's Knife (Omega): In the Missile Silos area, climb the ladder into the green lookout tower. The knife is on the windowsill to the right as you come in.
  • Omega Group Patch (Omega): On the obstacle course, the patch is on top of the tallest A-frame beam before the climbing net.

Artifacts on the Golova map

There are four artifacts on the Golova map:

  • Aetherium Canister (Requiem): At the train station, climb atop the three red silos. The canister is in the piping leading off from the middle silo.
  • Cymbal Monkey Toy (Dark Aether): On the roof of the church, on the right-hand tower at the front. The toy is on the ledge above you as you stand on the roof.
  • End Station Video Tape (Maxis): Found in the small yellow house next to the steps in the Lower East Town. Enter the house through the front door, go down two flights of stairs, and enter the second room on the left. It's a bedroom; the artifact is on the bedside table.
  • Maxis BND Badge (Maxis): At the Industrial Park, there's a roadblock very close to the edge of the map. The badge is resting among the sandbags on the barricaded side.

Document locations in Outbreak

Intel in the form of documents can be obtained by performing elite kills. Getting an elite kill requires you to take down an enemy with a skull next to their health bar. After an elite kill, a document will be part of the drop.

Below is a list of known intel documents found in Outbreak:

Document NameIntel Category
Disruptor Satellite BlueprintRequiem
Divided WorldDark Aether
Domino EffectRequiem
Hello AgainDark Aether
Maxis Diary EntryMaxis
Maxis Status ReportMaxis
More To FollowDark Aether
New FrontiersOmega
Omega Records ReviewOmega
Omega Staffing ReportOmega
Operation Threshold AuthorizationRequiem
Recon Rover BlueprintRequiem
Trust MeDark Aether

With thanks to the fans over at r/CODZombies, who have been compiling document lists as they find them.

For more on the secrets of Outbreak mode, check out our guide to the Dragon Relic Easter Egg.

Or if you want a more general overview of what's new in Season 2 and Outbreak, you can read everything we know at-a-glance here.

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