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CoD Cold War Outbreak: Dragon | How to get the Dragon Relic

Easter Eggs are a staple of the Call of Duty series, and Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are no exception.

While it sounds like we're going to be waiting until Season 3 for the next main Easter Egg, there's at least one small surprise to be found in Season 2's Outbreak mode.

The Dragon Relic is the first Easter Egg to come to light in Season 2. Activating it leads to a short challenge mode with a nice little reward at the end, so it's worth seeking out.

It's likely that the Dragon Relic isn't the only Easter Egg to be found in Outbreak, so we'll keep you updated if we find any more.

How to find the Dragon Relic in Outbreak

It seems there's a version of this Easter Egg in every map in Outbreak mode, so pick whichever you like. The Dragon Relic will be marked on the overworld map. Appropriately enough, its icon is a dragon's head.

Look around for a free-standing machine. It resembles a giant steampunk-y speaker, with a monitor screen near its base. When you get close to it, a message should identify this contraption as the Dragon Relic.

Interact with it to begin a short challenge. It costs 500 points to activate.

Two things indicate that the challenge has begun: a circle of purple flame appears around the machine, and a dragon head pops out of the hole in the top.

What to do with the Dragon Relic in Outbreak

The Dragon Relic appears to be a call-back to the zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. In that game, dragon enemies could be used to kill zombies, though they also posed a threat to the player. That's the "Easter Egg" part of this challenge.

Things are a little simpler this time though, since the dragon doesn't seem to have any interest in harming you. It's also much less mobile than its predecessors, since it's unable to leave the machine. As a result, you're basically on Team Dragon for this round, as you'll be feeding it all the zombies it can eat.

When the Dragon Relic challenge begins, zombies will spawn in the vicinity. Upon entering the purple circle, these zombies will become infused with the purple flame — which bears a suspicious resemblance to the Dark Aether. Kill the glowing zombies within the circle and the dragon will inhale their corpses.

This challenge doesn't seem to be timed; instead, the dragon will consume around 15 to 20 zombies before deciding it's had enough. The machine will then close up and rocket off into space, leaving behind a loot chest as your reward. There seems to be a high possibility (thought not a guarantee) that this will be an ultra-rare golden loot chest.

One of your rewards may well be the Full Power power-up, which a lot of players will be seeing for the first time. Read our guide here for information about exactly what it does.

If you're reading this between February 25th and March 4th, you can play a free limited-time demo of Outbreak. Follow these instructions to download it on your chosen platform.

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