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CoD Cold War Outbreak: Full Power | What does Full Power do?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone have now received a full Season 2 content update to their shared battlepass.

The new season brings with it a variety of new maps and modes, the highlight of which is Outbreak. Outbreak is a zombies mode, continuing the Dark Aether storyline from previous games.

If you're reading this between February 25th and March 4th, you can play Outbreak for free as a limited-time demo.

One of the new items featured in the season is the Full Power power-up. Since you're likely to first encounter this new addition in the middle of a pitched battle against the living dead, you'll probably have a few questions about what it does once you get a moment to take stock of your loot.

What are power-ups in Outbreak?

If this isn't your first undead rodeo in Call of Duty, you're probably already familiar with power-ups. In fact, this isn't even the first outing for Full Power: it's a returning item last seen in Black Ops 4's zombies maps, and was previously available to Cold War players on the exclusive PS4/PS5 Onslaught map.

Slay a zombie and you can loot its remains for items, and power-ups are among the possible drops. Picking up a power-up will consume it and grant a one-off effect to the player. Typically, this will be something like a temporary ability boost, an immediate refill/recharge to gear, or similar.

What does Full Power do in Outbreak?

The Full Power power-up is denoted by an icon of two crossed swords, surrounded by a blue glow.

Consuming Full Power has two simultaneous effects:

  • Fully charges the player's Special Weapon
  • Refills all the player's other equipment

Long-time players on r/CODZombies regretted the PlayStation exclusivity of Full Power in the first season, so hopefully its return to all versions of the game will be a welcome one.

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