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This Black Ops grenade launcher kill is a reminder of Call of Duty's legacy of stylish trick shots

An unbelievable shot brings back fond memories of trick shots long past

Remember Call of Duty: Black Ops, the military First Person Shooter released from the clattering cages over at Raven Software and Treyarch all the way back in 2010. For some, it stays a fan-favourite for those with a taste for a touch of retro Call of Duty action, general nostalgia, or the heyday of trick shots with a variety of sniper rifles and of course the trusty grenade launcher.

Memories of this golden age of spinning shots and mouse-trap-esque grenade routes across the many maps present in the 7th generation title have recently reemerged thanks to a singular tweet from Faze Blaze shining the spotlight on a particular remarkable grenade launcher kill. This video, tragically uncredited, struck a chord with the community, reining in over 114K likes at the time of writing.

Replies to this viral sensation are filled with other examples of exemplary trickshots and stylish grenade bounces, but none compared to the original clip which features multiple bounces off map terrain and player-placed cameras in key locations. There’s a chasm of difference between clip farming in custom lobbies and the ballistic gymnastics seen above.

Those knowledgeable will be aware that trick shotting emerged long before Black Ops 1, originally coming to prevalence among Call of Duty players with the release of Modern Warfare (the old 2007 one not the new one) and stirring among the OG Counter Strike scene even before that! By the time Black Ops was out in the wild, acts like quick scoping, 360 no-scoping, and 1080 double direction, weapon-switching quick scoping were all the hotness.

While the community of trick shotters is still alive and kicking, the era where elaborate grenade launcher layups from the good Ol’ days where the big thing has sadly passed. However, it is still a sweet memory for those who spent countless hours of their childhood setting up these brilliant shots. Who knows! Maybe other shots of a similar calibre are just waiting to be hit in Vanguard?

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Do you have a favourite Call of Duty grenade launcher trick shot? Let us know below, as well as whether you ever tried a bit of trick shotting yourself.

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