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Titanfall 2 to include grappling hook, larger maps - rumour

A new Titanfall 2 leak suggests the game will include bigger maps and a grappling hook.


Titanfall 2 to include grappling hook, larger maps - rumour

Although EA and Respawn officially announced Titanfall 2 recently, they only released a very short teaser trailer.

We know next to nothing about what sort of features the developer chose to expand on, or really what we can expect in the way of new additions.

Today, thanks to Reddit user Ilovegoogleglass, we may have some idea about the upcoming sequel. According to the user, Titanfall 2 will include a grappling hook, which comes with its own set of mechanics.

The tool allows you to get into your Titan quicker, "aids free-running", and pulls enemies in midair. The Reddit post has since been deleted, presumably because the sub-Reddit couldn't verify the user's sources, but he did provide one thing that lent some credence to the leak.

That is a bigger, full version of the image currently shown in the background of the Titanfall official site.

Here it is:


The leak also mentions bigger maps in Titanfall 2, though the user didn't elaborate further. Interestingly, he also claims it will release in October. EA never gave a release date for the game, but it did say it would come out during its third fiscal quarter, which ends December 31.

Battlefield 1, on the other hand, has been officially confirmed for an October release, which makes it seem a bit unlikely for both games to release during the same month, even if EA says each is targeting a different audience.

We'll definitely find out when the game gets the full reveal treatment on June 12.

Thanks, Polygon.

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