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The Apex Legends community is trying to name the lobby Prowler

The orange prowler lounging in the lobby is a good boy, and the community think he deserves a name.

Apex Legends: Escape is finally out, and the community is awash with excitement as they jump into the new map, try out the new features, and work their way through a new battle pass. However, the new season of Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale hasn’t just captured their attention, it’s also captured their hearts through the good boy found lounging around the pre-game lobby.

This prowler, an animal typically aggressive to players who venture too close to their homes on the Island of Storm Point, instead hangs out in the background by the players with a big smile on its face. In appreciation of their new companion for the foreseeable future the Apex Legends community is attempting to name the pup. The current favourite? Cooper.

For those who don’t know, Cooper is the name of Respawn Entertainment’s cult classic FPS Titanfall 2. Apex Legends is tied to the Titanfall series by the hip; taking place in the same universe and featuring characters either tangentially related to the plot of the series or returning antagonists in Ash's case.

Even if Apex Legends is the big earner for Respawn nowadays, discussions around a new Titanfall game often bubble up to the surface in spite of constant statements regarding no sequel being in the works. If the prowler present in the Apex Legends lobby ends up being dubbed Cooper, it’ll act as yet another reminder that the giant robot FPS remains dear to the community.

The newest Apex Legends update is a massive one; bringing in a brand new map, a new SMG and the new Legend Ash. If you want to get a closer look at what’s been added,Dorrani’s video detailing everything in the update will fill you in!

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