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Apex Legends' newest character reveal will put those Titanfall 3 rumours to bed

While some titans might make an appearance, you probably shouldn't get your hopes up.

Respawn Entertainment has revealed its next character coming to Apex Legends, and their reveal trailer certainly downplays recent Titanfall 3 speculation.

Yesterday, Respawn released a new episode of its Stories from the Outlands series titled "For Us, Utang na Loob," which is all about the origin of Apex Legends' newest character Conduit, who also happens to be the game's first Filipino legend. As always, it's a nice little animated trailer giving us some insight into how Conduit found her way to the Apex Games. The trailer kicks off with quite a bleak look at Conduit's childhood, showing us that her hometown was under attack from a group of enemy titans. Thankfully, a Monarch titan comes to the rescue, letting her and her family live quite an idyllic life, and of course Conduit is quite the fan of the Apex Games.

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Unfortunately, her mother still seems to have a difficult workload, eventually netting herself a serious injury which leads them to some financial trouble. Lucky for Conduit, that same Monarch titan stayed in her town, though it has been cordoned off due to it leaking radiated energy. Obviously that doesn't stop her, and she goes to find the titan where she gets… some kind of power, it hasn't actually been revealed yet. In turn, she'll clearly be joining the Apex Games soon as part of the game's next season, Ignite.

While Apex Legends fans will likely be happy at the arrival of a new character, Titanfall fans are probably less so. Last month, Respawn brought Titanfall 2 back online, where some players even spotted references to Apex Legends in the game's updated maps. With titans making their appearance in Apex Legend's newest trailer, it sure does seem like any hopes of Titanfall 3 being around the corner have been dashed. But, you should never say never!

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