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Titanfall 2 is back online, and fans think recent Apex Legends patch notes are teasing more

It all comes down to a certain Nessie.

After years of being unplayable online, Titanfall 2 has recently received an update that finally allows for multiplayer once again.

For a long while now, the much loved but not massively successful first person shooter Titanfall 2 has been essentially impossible to play online. But, as shared in the Titanfall subreddit, the game has had an update that appears to have fixed the game's multiplayer servers. Up until recently, matchmaking was basically impossible, and server stability was often shaky at best. This recent update has fixed those issues though, alongside adding in new and old game modes, which have been rotated in and out since the update went live.

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A number of other issues have been changed too, like glitches, out-of-bounds exploits, as well as some changes to the map's geometry. Most notably, though, a number of Nessie plushies, Apex Legend's mascot, that are holding hammers have been spotted across the various parts of the maps that have been tweaked, as spotted by another user on Reddit.

Most suspiciously, is a set of unix timestamp codes that were left at the bottom of the patch notes for Apex Legend's upcoming Harbingers Collection Event, which were paired with a line that read, "Incoming Transmission…. Subject: Nessie…." Fans converted the timecodes and found that the three of them corresponded to Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legend's respective release dates. Obviously at this point in time it's a bit unclear what these might mean, but it certainly is suspicious that references to the Titanfall games would be made around the same time Titanfall 2 receives an update.

It's probably advisable to not get your hopes up too much, as this doesn't necessarily mean that anything big is coming to do with Titanfall specifically. Respawn Entertaiment's CEO did say earlier this year that he would love to see Titanfall 3, too, but did note that the developer wasn't working on anything at the time. At the very least, if you're someone that misses playing Titanfall 2 online, you have that to enjoy now.

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