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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Shrine Pieces: How to unlock the Shrines of Mool Ah and Zoomios

Shiny sigils

Your adventurer can find Shrine Pieces in the Overworld throughout Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands to give permanent boosts to their abilities.

Whether it’s an early injection of cash or a very useful increase to movement speed, these Shrine Pieces are worth your time investment to hunt down.

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However, the Shrine Pieces in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are often visible before you can actually reach them, and the same goes for the Shrines themselves. So we’ll go over where and what you can do to collect them all!

Shrine of Mool Ah Shrine Piece locations

When you first come across the Shrine of Mool Ah in the Overworld, it's only missing two pieces.

Speak to Bach Stahb next to it to get the Knife to Meet You side quest to start on the trail of the remaining Shrine Pieces.

First up, go left from the Shrine and interact with the glowing door.

This starts a combat encounter which spits you out on the other side of the mine when completed. Grab the first missing Shrine Piece from the ridge here.

Next, return to Shrine of Mool Ah and go around to the right where the quest marker points.

At the end of the second combat encounter here you find the final Shrine Piece. Take it back to Bach Stahb for your reward.

Shrine of Zoomios Shrine Piece locations

On the other side of the Overworld map, you find the blue Shrine of Zoomios.

All 4 of the Shrine Pieces here are missing, and there are a few more steps involved in finding them.

First up, next to the Shrine is a combat encounter door. Clear the battles and you're rewarded with the first Shrine Piece.

Next, head up to the snowy area of the map and over on the left hand side is another combat encounter door.

Complete it for the second Shrine Piece.

Third, on the other side of the snowy area is a glowing wooden door like the one you cleared for the first Shrine.

Complete this combat challenge as well for another Shrine Piece.

Finally, the Shrine Piece behind the door next to Queen's Gate has been teasing you for a while now, to get it, head to Izzy's Fizzies Tavern in Brighthoof and talk to Paladin Mike by the stage.

He asks you clear three campfire encounters back in the Overworld. Do so, and the door guarding the final Shrine Piece is unlocked and you can buff your movement speed at the Shrine of Zoomios.

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