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The script for The Witcher Neflix series finale is being written right now

The Witcher Netflix series's script may be close to being finished.

Lauren Hissrich, showrunner for the upcoming The Witcher Netflix series, teased fans in her latest tweet, saying she's writing the season finale.

"Remember when I’d be tweeting like crazy and someone would tell me to stop and go write the show?" she tweeted, adding "#finale".

Presuming the scripts for the episodes have been written in the order they'll air, they're all but done. If not, at least the end point has been mapped out.

We got a peek at the casting scripts a couple of weeks ago, and while Hissrich confirmed that they wouldn't actually make their way into the show, they gave us a glimpse as to what we might expect in terms of dialogue.

Reactions to the leaked scripts were mixed, because this is the internet, but Hissrich said the fans' responses were “fascinating to watch," adding that she hoped that they would "as invested in the...actual series.”

The Witcher Netflix series will consist of eight episode, with the pilot set to air in 2020.

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