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The Witcher 3: A Walk on the Waterfront

Act as a bodyguard to earn a bit of coin.

The Witcher 3: A Walk on the Waterfront

Head down to the Novigrad docks and wander about for a bit, and you may come across a nobleman being hassled by three bandits. If you ignore (or overlook) this encounter the nobleman is killed and the quest is lost to you forever. (Don't worry about it, it's no big deal.)

Step in, though, and the nobleman introduces himself as one Ginter, and asks you to keep him safe on his walk.

Agree, apply Hanged Man's Venom, and walk just behind Ginter as he heads east. When he approaches a loading crane, run ahead and beat up the four bandits waiting to ambush him.

Follow behind again until Ginter is about to go under a wooden platform; beat up another four bandits here.

You should be clear till the far end of the docks. Meet the dealers. You can elect to honour your original contract by saying "right" when Ginter asks for backup, or say "wrong" to standby and watch him be killed. In either case, you get your pay.

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