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The Witcher 3: Count Reuven's Treasure

Count Reuven's Treasure is a diplomatically tricky mission in which The Witcher 3 players dance around a very dangerous man.

The Witcher 3: Count Reuven's Treasure

Count Reuven's Treasure is triggered by talking to Sigi Reuven, whom Geralt knows by another name, in the aftermath of the bathhouse meeting at the start of Get Junior. The two quests are somewhat intertwined; Reuven is the primary informant for both of them.

The thing to remember about this quest is that Geralt agrees to help under false pretences: he known Dandelion pulled off the heist, and is hoping both to learn of his friend's whereabouts and enlist Reuven's help by investigating.

Start by following Reuven down the ladder hidden under the bath and into the cellar; if you left, or skipped the cutscene, look for a trapdoor in one of the big, round baths in a back room at the bathhouse to find the entrance. You have to jump in to reach it.

Downstairs, chat with Reuven and Bart to receive some potions, then examine the pipe hanging from the ceiling near the door to the sewers. Head in, and examine a piece of pipe debris on the floor.

Take your potion when you approach the gas. Continue forwards, fighting a few Drowners, till you reach the last room and are prompted to search for clues. There’s one near the far side of the room, on the ground. You cna optionally cpntinue out the mouth of the sewers for one more piece of information. When you're done, return to the office at the front of the bathhouse, using your remaining antidote time to loot everything on the way.

After speaking with Reuven, head to the indicated house. Look at and loot whatever you like, but on the second floor, be sure to grab the letter and wine bottle. Take them to the wine rack next door and activate the slot, revealing a hidden door. Inside, examine the clues, including grabbing the letter at the foot of the bed.

Downstairs, speak with Reuven and Triss and say whatever you like; if an option doesn’t make sense, it’s because Geralt is lying. Try to avoid fibbing if you can for best results, and don't deny your relationship with Triss if you're trying to warm her up to you.

Next, you’ll need to miss Triss at midnight. Either meditate at the waypoint, or fill your time – play some Gwent, maybe. When you do meet Triss she’ll propose a risky plan; there's no way to talk her out of it.

There are several ways you can play out this scenario. The less you do to protect Triss, the more successful you’ll be at infiltrating the complex without starting a fight – but at what cost?

SPOILER ALERT: Skip past the italics below if you don't want to know the consequences of this decision.

If you protect Triss and start a fight, Reuven is pretty mad at you, and won't turn up to help you later in the game. If you let her suffer torture, Triss forgives you and is, in fact, rather less angry at you than the alternative.

  • If you give away your intentions in conversation by defending Triss, or use Axii to try and talk the guards out of torture, a huge mass battle starts. Run outside if things get painful inside. When everyone's finally dead, approach Menge's desk and loot it, reading the letter there.
  • If you are successful in tricking the Witch Hunters, you'll have to chat with Menge. For best results, accept a drink (he wants to see if you are a Doppler) and speak callously of Triss. Afterwards, chat with Triss.

In either case, you should now do your best to escape the Witch Hunter headquarters without drawing further attention - exit via the locked door rather than the way you came in. Outside, chat with Triss again and the climb up on the old shed, then jump over the wall. In the courtyard beyond, you can use Aard to open a little shortcut, only to be confronted by one of Reuven’s thugs. This will transport you to the man himself.

If you got into a fight in the Witch Hunter headquarters, you'll now have to go on a little detour. Otherwise, tune back in after the italics:

Head to the waypoint and use Witcher Senses to find the drop box on the back of one of the pillars closest to the wall. Use it, then go over to the other waypoint. Get behind the door, and wait – again, either meditate or fill time and come back just before midnight. In the scenes that follow you have a limited time choice whether to kill the spy or wipe his memory.

In either case, you'll now unlock the secondary quest A Matter of Life and Death. For now, let’s go see Priscilla. Doing so completes Count Reuven’s Treasure. Kick on with Get Junior or, if you’ve finished that one already, with The Play's The Thing.

Onwards to Get Junior, onwards to The Play's the Thing walkthrough, or back to The Witcher 3: Act One - Novigrad.

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