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The Witcher 3: A Tome Entombed walkthrough

Venture into an ancient crypt to assist a stubbornly persistent researcher.

The Witcher 3 sees Geralt meeting - and beating up - all manner of men and beasts, but during the A Tome Entombed quest, we see him come face to face with a slumbering vampire who has been rudely awoken. Uh, oh.

And while you have opportunity to leave the vampire undisturbed, and even let him return to resting after disturbing him, you can't complete the quest without forcing him from his pit. And, well, leaving the tomb without a fight isn't any fun, is it? Here's how to complete the A Tome Entombed quest in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: A Tome Entombed walkthrough

There's quite a tough (optional) fight in during the A Tome Entombed quest in The Witcher 3, but the hardest part is finding the damn thing.

Open your World Map and draw a mental line between the signposts for Heirarch Square and the Oxenfurt Gate. There's an entrance to the sewers just about on the halfway point. It's south and ever so slightly west of an innkeeper icon, and west and slightly north of two vendors.

The entrance is a gate leading down into tunnels, not a manhole or ladder, and is most easily spotted at night thanks to a nearby brazier. I'm sorry. It's very hard to describe. You come here on a couple of missions, I think? But I forget which ones.

Assuming you find the entrance, follow the path around to the left and through the open grating. Heading downwards, go straight through to a brick tunnel curving to the left, and then start scanning the walls. You should spot a crumbling wall to the south east, which you can smack with Aard to reveal a second wall in need of knocking down.

Pass through and explore the crypt below. Eventually, you'll come to a researcher examining a tomb, and he seems to be struggling. Prepare yourself by applying Vampire Oil and equip Igni and Black Blood before proceeding.

Approach the researcher and he'll ask that you lift the lid of the tomb. Agree to help to reveal a cranky vampire, who isn't best pleased to find he shouldn't be awake yet. The lid is then closed.

The researcher won't give up, though. Lift the lid again and of course, the vampire loses his temper and attacks. You can also opt to leave the vampire be, but you won't be able to complete the quest without doing so.

Succeed in beating up the vampire for a small reward and to conclude the quest. Don't forget to loot the corpse - Katakan mutagens are thin on the ground.

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