Inifinity Ward

Modern Warfare 2 featured on FOX & Friends this morning

FOX News had a discussion this morning regarding Modern Warfare 2, and true to form, only discussed the segment of the game where you play as a terrorist.Special guests brought in to chat about it  were Jon Christensen of Slash Gamer and Jim Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media.Basically there was a back and form […]

11 years ago

Inifinity Ward headlines

  • Modern Warfare 2 preview shows much in-game footage

    IGNs posted a Modern Warfare 2 preview based on trailer footage released before E3 and what looks to be a great deal of gameplay video from the title’s snow-based levels.There’s a bunch of info in there as well, so it’s worth a catch-up if you were too shellshocked by E3 to wade through the 50 […]

    12 years ago